Monday, May 4, 2020

Chef Lee Won Il's fiancée Kim Yoo Jin PD hospitalized after suicide attempt, her family will be taking legal action against the bullying allegations and for defamation

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The following post mentions sui*cide and bullying. If you're uncomfortable by this content, I'd recommend that you do not continue reading since many of the comments do not sympathize with Kim Yoo Jin PD. 

Like I always say, please do not use these comments to generalize the entire country of South Korea.

t/n: Kim Yoo Jin's cousin brother (Lee) informed Yonhap News on the 4th, "Around 3 AM this morning, her family discovered her after she attempted sui*cide. She was transferred to a university hospital via ambulance. She is currently unconscious."

Her cousin Lee also revealed the post she uploaded on her private social media account before she made the sui*cide attempt. Chef Lee Won Il also follows this account. On this day, Kim Yoo Jin posted, "Because the injustice was relieved, I just hope there will be no further losses to chef Lee Won Il and the families of the two of us. I'll bring everything with me and leave. My future husband has been suffered because of me. In addition, whatever the reason is, there were school friends getting hurt because of me. I uploaded an apology letter with that thought. When the self-proclaimed victim framed other's actions as mine, I called the person who did that. And even though I saw that person's dodging attitude, I thought we were friends, so I didn't expose anything. When chef Lee Won Il had to write an apology for something he didn't do, when I had to suppress my resentment and the sense of guilt for my parents and future parents-in-law to post the apology letter, I really just wanted to die. A friend who claimed to be a victim continuously called me up and sent threatening texts to me through acquaintances. If I'd clarified everything from the beginning, would you guys have believed me? Would the stigma with my name attached to it disappear in chef Lee Won Il's life? I apologize to everyone. I'll disappear forever carrying this unfairness. I'd like to tell those who sit at home and judge everything via a computer keyboard to stop judging others with your personal opinion." (cr. JTBC News)

1. [+14993 / -1691] She's making the other party feel guilt with the sui*cide attempt. She's even doing a second round of harm.... 
↪ [+187 / -18] Good criticism
↪ [+418 / -15] Physically assaulting someone while ostracizing them is an act of murder. That kid can forever live with social phobia
↪ [+249 / -56] Writing comments like this is no different from murder
↪ [+137 / -5] If she didn't do it then she could've just argued that she didn't do it. If she did do it, she should've sincerely apologized. Why do they always try to resolve it in a different way? That goddamn pride is the problem

2. [+762 / -72] There's a lot of kids who commit school violence right now too, right? During that time, you thought you guys were the king but once you join society, don't try to become famous or even think of joining politics, just live quietly

3. [+3796 / -240] She's a really scary person... A second round of harm (t/n: the original third and fourth comment was removed by Naver's moderating system. That's why the upvote changed drastically from the second comment to this comment and the next one)

4. [+2248 / -12] People who weren't ostracized or experienced school experience, don't understand. The 16 year old victim at the time also wanted to attempt sui*cide and die

5. [+1698 / -13] Whether you were the leader or not, the fact that you, Kim Yoo Jin, was in that violent gang means that is was the truth since you were 16 years old. While in that [gang], you guys targeted a lot of people and whether it was the leader or the members, I'm sure it's true that you guys went around assaulting people, verbally abusing them, and threatening them. What kind of excuse is this? From the victim's circumstances (the person who reported this), why do you think they would've brought up their painful past? The things that the perpetrators can't remember are things that forever become a wound to the victim. You might want to sweep your past under the rug and live but the past does not go away and is certainly bound to come back - it's karma. I hope you're not acting to receive comfort for your crime.

6. [+1557 / -8] With school violence, the rule is that it's always the person who does the beating that doesn't remember but the person who receives the beating will never forget

7. [+1529 / -17] Comments criticizing the victim is slowly starting to appear. People who have experienced this (bullying) don't know. That this trauma can control your entire life. Even you give birth to a kid, that trauma grows twice as big. But imagine if your bully shows up on media (e.g. TV) and appears happily. That's like depriving a person of their right to forget about it (the bullying). You're asking if you should block a person from their future because of something that occurred in the past? You shouldn't talk that lightly because it's someone else's scenario. 

t/n: Her older sister uploaded a statement on social media saying, "Our family will be revealing the truth about the spread of the exaggerated false information, fake content, and the criticism that crossed the line. Our family came to the judgement that the reckless, act of defamation escalated to the point where we can't condone it. We will move forward with taking civil and criminal legal action. We overlooked it and thought that Kim PD can handle this on her own but n local acquaintance, who alleged that they were ordered by the victim, began sending threatening messages and 40 phone calls starting from the 30th. (t/n: local as in someone living in Korea)." The sister then shared the photo below.

"Answer your phone"
"You're hiding behind your husband and disturbing him. Don't inconvenience your husband, who's a public figure, and resolve your issues on your own. I'm giving you an opportunity so answer your phone."
"Take down the Nate Pann post"
"You said you were going to apologize directly to the victim but you upload a post like that on Nate Pann"
"Answer your phone, kiwi bird-nim"

The sister continued, "We cannot tolerate someone using anonymity to repeatedly spread false information and personally attacking my sister while seriously damaging her honor. We're planning on securing evidence and actively suing with judicial authorities. There will be no agreements or leniency for all of the actions." According to fire authorities, around 2:52 AM, her family discovered Kim PD after her sui*cide attempt and made a report. She was later transferred to a university hospital via ambulance. An official from the hospital said, "After she was transferred to the emergency room, she recovered and was moved to the general ward." At the time - her consciousness wasn't clear, her breathing, pulse, and other vitals were normal. At the site, they found a medicine packet. 

1. [+13644 / -660] From the start, she didn't have the intent to die
↪ [+511 / -17] Pretending to commit sui*cide is foolish. She, herself, knows best that if she uploads an apology statement, that already means that she can't deny it and that's why she wrote it. But do you think the victim would forgive you if you upload one reflection statement, they would get more annoyed

2. [+9255 / -189] The victims would've suffered more... So you're saying that the small splinter in your finger is more painful that the big nail embedded in someone's hand...
↪ [+86 / -2] It might be because she's a PD but she's dramatic
↪ [+343 / -14] If someone doesn't answer the phone, it's plausible to call multiple times. I've called over one hundred times to buy masks, does that mean that I terrorized a public shop? How is that text message a threat;; Did they say that they'll do something to you if you don't answer the phone or come find you...
↪ [+125 / -1] Her production ability is good ㅋㅋㅋ Doing the opening with a sui*cide show... The plot development is suing and the ending is cosplaying as a victim
↪ [+303 / -1] This is something I've felt with 'Omniscient Interfering View' in the past but it feels like the perpetrators can't feel anything because they think it's something that happened in the past and because it was so long ago. So that's why they come out on TV~ Because for the perpetrators, it's really a past event. But from the victim's perspective, the suffering is 'ongoing'. Because if you suffer something like that during puberty, the time where you form your identity, you become intimidated of people and trauma remains so that when you're socializing, it (the trauma) keeps following you so it's 'ongoing' for the victim for the rest of their life.

3. [+8745 / -151] This is ridiculous.... Things like threatening messages are wrong but you bullied someone during their school years, an important time for a person, and I don't think you demonstrated that you were sincerely reflecting. I suffered a lot from bullying during my school years so seeing an article like this made me mad. Have you considered the victim's position? The suffering victim must've had a hard time because of the mental abuse but how are you highlighting your own suffering.. If you didn't commit school violence from the get-go then this situation wouldn't have even occurred
↪ [+280 / -4] That's what I'm saying. When I was in high school, a close friend of mine began spreading fake rumors behind my back and I was ostracized. Because of that shock, I retook my college entrance exams and I still can't forget that shock. Nonetheless, they're saying that this person even committed physical assault. I don't understand how she can do that at a young age

4. [+4221 / -44] Let's live nicely - if you do something bad, it will come back to you

5. [+3315 / -46] Normally 1. If someone was determined to commit sui*cide and attempted sui*cide then they're corpse would be discovered, 2. a person with a weak mentality can't even bully others, 3. if their daughter was unconscious then they would be bawling and things would be crazy for them, they wouldn't have the ability to do interviews and announce that they will be taking legal action, there's a high chance that this is a show

6. [+2781 / -15] If you received 40 calls and didn't answer it then mean that you were avoiding contact from the victim when you said that you were going to directly apologize to them? 

1. [+7081 / -497] Hospitalized at the general ward = putting on a show
Are you threatening that if they lift a finger, they'll die? 
Do you know how much the victims wanted to die after they were under the light of your cigarettes.. Do you think only the victims will have the desire to die? Do you think your desire to die is in the same context as the victims'?

2. [+7072 / -370] You're selfish until the very end..... You're killing the victim twice..

3. [+5938 / -332] Show? Is this a flipped situation that's variety PD-like? ㅋ

4. [+801 / -22] I knew this would happen. She was admitted to the general ward as soon as she got to the hospital ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You're putting on quite a show. When you began advertising on social media that you were going to commit sui*cide ㅋㅋㅋ Who advertises their sui*cide ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You should've put on a show where you were kneeling and asking for forgiveness instead. She's really ridiculous *sigh*

5. [+703 / -14] Daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their threat is insane.... I really feel bad for the victim....

6. [+682 / -13] She's a scary woman. It's gonna be a big deal if Lee Won Il gets married.

7. [+536 / -14] Well.... I'm thinking that she's putting on a show   

If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone, please do not hesitate to seek help. Here is a link to the The International Association for Suicide Prevention's website that provides you with a list of international hotlines that you can call.

I'm going to be real honest right now...
Translating many of these comments felt f*cking gross.
I've lost friends in high school and college because of suicide and it's never easy to cope with because you always get left feeling like you could've done something to help them more.

I was bullied in the past.
Sometimes it was physical, many times it was mental and emotional.
Some kids are fucking mean and cruel. That's a fact.
I also realized that it's common for people to ostracize someone at a workplace. 
Some humans are f*cking disgusting and f*cked up, even if they're adults.

Even if you go to therapy to deal with the past, you constantly feel cautious of trusting people too much and being worried that your trust will be betrayed or used against you. You doubt your self-worth and left always wondering if something's wrong with you
That trauma from bullying and being ostracized sticks with the victim. 

I understand why some people might be pessimistic regarding this situation with Kim Yoo Jin PD but I really don't think this is something that should be taken lightly.
If something deserves to be criticized then people should leave criticism.
But for things like this, people should focus on recovery so that her and the other party can come to a resolution.

Just wanted to share my two cents....