Monday, May 25, 2020

[Post-Drama Interview] Han So Hee shares her experience with wrapping up 'The World of the Married' + opens up about her past smoking and tattoo "controversy"

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On the 25th, during her interview with SPOTVNEWS, actress Han So Hee laughed and said, "I'm okay" when she asked about the topic of her past pictures of her smoking and her arm tattoos garnering attention. 

Before she formally made her debut, the actress was famous for being a social media influencer and naturally uploaded pictures of herself smoking and her tattoos. The pictures belatedly gained attention after Han So Hee became popular with 'The World of the Married'. Han So Hee said, "That past self was me and this current self is also me. My life and thoughts from back then aren't that different from my life and thoughts now. While working, don't we normally develop limitations on life? That's why my current self is complete. It's also funny that it's being described as my past. Those pictures are only from about 3 to 4 years ago. I'm okay. I think my female fans even really liked that version of me. I'm thankful for it."

On the actress not being able to send off her character Yeo Da Kyung, "'The World of the Married' came to an end with its special episode. I still feel a bit weird and when the director and writer calls me, I choke up for no reason. To be honest, I feel like I'm more sad about sending this character off because I have thoughts of whether or not I'll be able to come across another project like this during my acting career. I kind of don't feel good. I think I'm able to wrap it up well in a good mood cause people gave so much love."

1. [+4715 / -484] It's not like she did that when she was a teenager, what's wrong with an adult doing that~ I enjoyed your acting, I'll look forward to your next work!!

2. [+4389 / -425] It's not like she went around breaking the law - who cares. She not only looks cool but cool vibes are vibrating off of her actions and words ㅋㅋ I feel like she's going to become more popular because she's charming

3. [+3776 / -418] Her mindset is healthy, I hope she prospers - she's so pretty 

4. [+332 / -64] Have men gotten articles written about them smoking cigarettes and having tattoos? Why are they causing a fuss towards women

5. [+314 / -29] This type of response is better... Without an excuse, she honestly and confidently said that the past self was her and that her current self isn't all that different. Although she's pretty, I didn't think she was all that charming but this type of mindset is a good look

6. [+302 / -44] I like her more cause she's confident. Did she commit a DUI or something, it's not like she committed a crime - it's not even controversial ㅋ

we love a confident, positive-thinking, unapologetic queeeen!
like why the heck should she apologize for having tattoos??
it's her freaking arm!
like although I feel that people shouldn't smoke cause ya know, it's not good for your health - you don't see other celebrities getting shitted on for smoking cigarettes 🙄

goddammit she's one of my fave actresses that I even made a freaking ebichu fangirl pic LOLOL