Friday, May 22, 2020

[SPOILERS!!!][The World of the Married Special Episode Roundup] The cast reveals their least and most favorite scenes and behind-the-scene stories from filming

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Original Source (My Daily via Nate): 'The World of the Married Special' Han So Hee, "When Kim Hee Ae revealed the affair, I thought I was going to throw up while acting"

t/n: Han So Hee was asked what kind of character she thought Yeo Da Kyung was and she said, "She seemed like a character that lived while being pushed by her parents' wealth and authority. So, to be honest, if you take a look at Da Kyung, she's a character that's hanged up on love and emotions rather than her work and her future life." 

Regarding the dining room scene, Han So Hee said, "From the morning of that day of filming, I felt like I was going to throw up. When I arrived, I couldn't even picture how to do this. When we were rehearsing the scene, my hand was trembling and you know how we all sat together at the dining table, I could only see Hee Ae sunbae and kept thinking, 'What should I do, what should I do...."'  

P.S. there's a few trolls in the dungeon after the top 3 comments but I guess that's what we get with Nate articles 🤷🏻‍♀️

1. [+2023 / -25] Now that 'The World of the Married' has ended, it feels like there's no dramas to watch during the weekends. I hope another drama comes out that makes us wait for the weekend. Kim Hee Ae's acting was really awesome

2. [+1937 / -30] Wow... the day I saw this scene, I thought I was watching the last episode. It's really a scene I watched while covering my mouth ㄷㄷㄷ

3. [+1291 / -31] Kim Hee Ae's ocean scene where the other outstanding actors said that the scene gave them goosebumps... She's really an amazing actress!!!!!

4. [+70 / -80] Just like how Yeo Da Kyung, herself, said that she couldn't stay focused [with acting] in the interview - Yeo Da Kyung's acting kept staying the same and there was no change in her crying acting. Even in Kim Hee Ae's interview, she complimented Lee Hak Joo and Jeon Jin Seo but she didn't mention Yeo Da Kyung at all and didn't compliment her... (t/n: I found this comment really funny cause this commenter refers to all the other actors with their real name but refers to Han So Hee as 'Yeo Da Kyung'. 👏🏻 A drama 👏🏻 is just a drama 👏🏻 don't 👏🏻 misunderstand 👏🏻)

5. [+62 / -64] Yeo Da Kyung didn't act well.... Her acting is a different acting range from Kim Hee Ae's - seeing how she couldn't stay focused, I think what I sensed was correct

6. [+60 / -0] When Ji Sun Woo got hit in the head, I remember thinking.... it must be an imagination... 

7. [+51 / -9] Han So Hee is pretty 

8. [+47 / -2] Does it make sense that there wasn't an interview with Joon Young... To be honest, he had the most screen time after Sun Woo and Tae Oh and he was really good at acting... 

Original Source (News1 via Nate): 'The World of the Married Special' Kim Hee Ae confesses, "Rather than my husband's betray, I was more shocked by the friends'"

1. [+1221 / -8] I really related to what she said. I developed depression because the hurt I received from our mutual friends was bigger than the breakup. I barely recovered but I don't view them as people ㅎㅎ if you nitpick the advantage of the relationships, those of you who behaved like bats will one day crumble like a sand castle. 

2. [+1196 / -7] Throughout 'The World of the Married', that scene was the most shocking. Her friends secretly went on a trip to Jeju Island with Lee Tae Oh and Yeo Da Kyung... It was seriously a big shock but fun to watch 

3. [+953 / -20] Yeo Da Kyung should've completely flopped too.... 

4. [+55 / -4] Seriously, unknown actors played a big, active role in this drama. Even Kim Hee Ae said that she was so surprised after seeing Lee Hak Joo's acting~~ They all deserve praise. Da Kyung was so pretty in the special episode.

Original Source (News1 via Nate): 'The World of the Married Special' Kim Young Min, "I was shocked when he said, "If you're bored, raise a dog""...Park Sun Young, "Even when I think about it now, I get mad"

1. [+995 / -10] After someone said that Ye Rim looks like zzangjeolmi, every time I see her - the image of zzanjeolmi and gaejook overlaps so it's hella cute... she has the typical face of a dog's gentleness  (t/n: this is zzangjeolmi hehehe and here's the comparison of zzangjeolmi and Park Sun Young hahaha)

2. [+781 / -5] His gentle impression seems nice so it's interesting ㅎㅎ Son Jae Hyuk was sharp and cold ㅋ

3. [+503 / -5] I'm looking forward to the drama that's airing next week~

4. [+40 / -1] Kim Young Min-nim came out as an adulterous man in a drama twice but I feel like in real life he would have a lot of aegyo and puppy charm. Later on, when he and Go Ye Rim were getting along, I felt this a lot

5. [+35 / -0] Park Sun Young acted well but her character was also good. Usually, in situations like this, the woman only gets hurt and comes out soft but her behavior, words, and eye gaze that had determination was good. When everyone else was having a game of power, she wasn't swayed and she wasn't walking on eggshells either. She also said what she had to say and did things with determination.

6. [+34 / -1] That ahjusshi is over 50 years old

Original Source (Star Today via Nate): 'The World of the Married' The legendary scene that Lee Moo Saeng x Han So Hee x Kim Young Min highly praised....'Kim Hee Ae's ocean scene'

1. [+701 / -4] 'A laughter that brushes past freedom and sadness.' - I really feel like this expression is perfect.

2. [+538 / -5] In episode 6 where Han So Hee says, "You crazy b*tch", Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh's kiss scene in episode 12, and the scene where she attempts sui*cide in the waves - it was really chilling ㅜㅜ

3. [+493 / -3] That's right... that laughter... it was amazing..

4. [+59 / -1] After I watched this scene, it lingered in my head for a week~ I was really surprised because she expressed Sun Woo's feelings ardently without lines but with her body and expression~ It made me think, 'Ah so this is why people say Kim Hee Ae is good at acting'~ When I still think about this scene, I'm stunned ㅜ.ㅜ