Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Investigative show 'PD Note' looks into alleged misuse of donations and elder abuse at House of Sharing, a nursing home for comfort women + Yoo Jae Suk's reps respond about the misuse of his donation

t/n: House of Sharing (나눔의 집) is a nursing home that's dedicated to taking care of the living survivors who are victims of sexual slavery during WWII - the victims are also referred to as comfort women. They receive tons of donation from people and celebrities. The donations include monetary funds and even rice. The employees (people who worked closely with the grandmas) at House of Sharing exposed the misuse of donations and elder abuse at the House of Sharing that's committed by the higher ups of the foundation. 

The employees alleged that the manager of the House of Sharing would mistreat the grandmas and talk to them rudely. The money that's donated wouldn't go towards the grandmas for their care and support but would go to Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the organization that formed House of Sharing. According to one of the internal staff members, "The grandmas' hospital bills and purchase of items was all paid by the grandmas' personal expenses." 

On the episode of 'PD Note' that aired on May 19th, the employees revealed that the Buddhist monks that are involved with the House of Sharing would come to visit but they don't come to visit to spend time and care for the grandmas but instead always ask about property prices and having to buy the nearby land. The employees wanted to use the funds they received as donations to purchase coloring books for the grandmas because it's therapeutic for them and it's an activity they enjoy but the higher-ups told them to not buy the coloring books and to just print out sheets from online. 

The employees also revealed that after a grandmother passes away, the higher officials would make them just throw away the person's belongings. Regarding these allegations, a professor said that it's a shame that they threw away the belonging because every memo, artwork, and personal belonging of the grandma is considered history and that it should be properly conserved.

Another employee showed the investigative team from 'PD Note' the donations they received from foreigners. This included bills that were American currency, Japanese currency, etc. However, the money wasn't being used towards the grandmas and was left unused. Some of the donations were even from 2016. 

Yoo Jae Suk is one of the famous celebrities that made a donation to the House of Sharing.  The employees said that Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Dong Wan, and other famous celebrities made donations to the House of Sharing. On the company's paperwork it said that these celebrities made deposit but these celebrities' donation isn't on the document that the organization submitted to city hall. 

In the document that the employees shared with 'PD Note', it shows that Yoo Jae Suk made the following donations: (2014) $16,294.62, (2015) $32,587.89, (2016) $40,736.54, (2017) $40,736.54, and (2018) $40,736.54.

'PD Note' reached out to Yoo Jae Suk's agency reps and his reps said, "We've talked to Yoo Jae Suk but they didn't give us any receipt. We checked again yesterday. He's disappointed about this and he said that he hopes this doesn't happen again. He's honestly hurt." Regarding this situation, a lawyer said that if a donation was described to be used in a certain way but it's not used in that way then that itself can become a crime.

1. [+4466 / -30] They're thieves where receiving punishment from the Gods for the rest of their lives isn't even enough... Do you think people will make donations when you're like this!!! Daytime robbers are going around!!!!!!! Ah I'm hella annoyed

2. [+4319 / -31] He wanted to help the grandmas consistently, I bet Yoo Jae Suk is really disappointed

3. [+3511 / -29] Take out the livers from these fleas

4. [+200 / -11] Yoon Mee Hyang sent her son to study abroad in the U.S.... Bought a house... and she's living comfortably but... she used Yoo Jae Suk's donation (t/n: Yoon Mee Hyang is a lawmaker and was one of the vocal supporters for comfort women but it was recently revealed that she was misusing the donations made to comfort women - you can read more about it here)

5. [+178 / -5] It's not just Yoo Jae Suk but... many celebrities made donations for comfort women.. do you think people would make donations when things like this happen? We don't even know where it'll be used...