Sunday, May 10, 2020

'The World of the Married' child actor Jung Joon Won criticized for underage drinking and smoking

t/n: He's 15

1. [+7118 / -33] The one who actually had to live life properly wasn't Joon Young but Hae Kang.... (t/n: Hae Kang is the name of Jung Joon Won's character in TWOTM)

2. [+6006 / -32] *sigh* he's already hopeless;;; (t/n: this saying basically means that his future has no hopeless or there's a slim chance of him becoming success, like he lost his opportunity/chance)

3. [+5812 / -25] How did he normally behave that the people around him would expose that account...

4. [+517 / -1] Seems like 'The World of the Married' will be his last work

5. [+505 / -2] ㅋ ah why are my instincts so accurate... it was all over his face

6. [+454 / -1] The young kid is confidently uploading pictures like that... Farewell.. I won't go out far [to say goodbye]

7. [+449 / -2] Ah as expected, his physiognomy

8. [+364 / -1] If an actor is good at playing a role, then it means two things: it's either their real image or they're good at acting (or a god of acting)

Original Source (OSEN via Nate): Jung Joon Won reps, "Will do their best to prevent drinking and smoking from reoccurring...Apologies to 'The World of the Married' reps"

1. [+4697 / -36] Physiognomy.... doesn't lie

2. [+4235 / -24] A delinquent is a child actor??

3. [+3779 / -18] Pretentious guys are disgusting

4. [+286 / -2] Drinking and smoking at that age and coming out in a drama, he must've been big-headed. I hope he reflects with this opportunity and lives a new life. I'm not saying that drinking and smoking is bad but you should live a life that's appropriate for that age. Don't be pretentious and I hope he matures character-wise...

5. [+283 / -4] They should cancel his contract. To be honest, he doesn't have a face that will become popular and he can't even act

6. [+274 / -2] No but what is it that they did that a restaurant would serve underaged kids? Just by looking at their faces, they look underaged. Did they not check their IDs? 

7. [+258 / -5] From this ahjusshi's personal experience with living life - if you're ugly then you should at least be nice