Sunday, June 28, 2020

[I Live Alone Episode 351 Roundup + Naver TV Comments] Yoo Ah In tries to comfort his cats while giving them a bath + reflects on his career and life

Episode 351

Nationwide ratings for episode 351 that aired on June 26, 2020: 12.0% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+1200 / -26] You can kinda tell that he's putting in the effort to not stress the cat out ㅠㅠ

2. [+947 / -36] Yoo Ah In was a cool person... I thought he was a person who's completely pretentious but he was just someone who had a lot of thoughts in his mind, please come out often on 'I Live Alone' 💓

3. [+872 / -31] He's hella warmhearted, I fell for him once more

4. [+841 / -24] This is something I felt after reading the comments but I think it's tough for the production team and the panelists... If they just show a calm daily life then people say it's boring, if it's a bit too much then people say it's scripted and that the show lost it's original purpose... Gosh ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...

5. [+652 / -23] That good heart is so pretty

1. [+568 / -7] I seriously thought he would come out on 'I Live Alone' for more of a made-for-TV material but I almost teared up because he was too alone

2. [+525 / -5] The original purpose of 'I Live Alone' was really kept alive because it (his episode) wasn't material that was made-for-TV (t/n: like they didn't do things just for the sake of TV, scripted, etc). It was natural because you can see the way he normally is and it was good, as expected of Yoo Ah In! I'm supporting your good growth 

3. [+389 / -2] Personally, I liked Won Deuk (Punch) and Lee Bang Won (Six Flying Dragons) but I overwhelmingly liked Sado (The Throne). His acting was quite no joke. 
↪ [+40 / -1] His Sado acting was really insane

4. [+377 / -2] It's really cool seeing him having a sense of responsibility for his acting ☺ I hope we get to see you more often on TV 😍

5. [+287 / -5] Yoo Ah In is cool, I'm becoming more curious about him

Original Source (MBC via Naver TV): Yoo Ah In's new worries that came with his upcoming move

1. [+1320 / -30] Until he said those words, I wondered how hard it was for Yoo Ah In and it was really sad. Through Yoo Ah In, I began to think again about what's the standard of happiness. Yoo Ah In is a really cool person.

2. [+1189 / -19] Even if he didn't go into acting, I feel like he would've done art and I think he would've done it well but I'm a person who really likes Yoo Ah In's acting so I really like that he did acting and he became an actor 
↪ [+37 / -1] He studied art in high school 

3. [+1014 / -16] As a person who genuinely supports actor Yoo Ah In, I'm leaving this comment since he might be able to see it. I hope you're not to harsh on yourself, you're cool enough just the way you are and I think you're a good enough person to receive love from others. I hope through the many things you're currently worrying about, it can become an opportunity for you, Ah In-nim, to love yourself more. I'm sincerely supporting you

4. [+990 / -14] Finding enlightenment (realizing things) in your thirties, isn't an easy thing. You can let things go because you enjoyed a lot of things? Not at all... Because as a human, you want to chase for higher things and more things.... It's possible that he experienced more things than his peers and he wasn't caught up in vain things and through that experience, he might be looking for the proper things within himself.. Whatever that is, I'm supporting you.

5. [+754 / -10] Keu he's cool. His episode was the episode I liked the most amongst the 'I Live Alone' episodes I watched recently. Ah In, you came out well~

Original Source (Star Daily News via Nate): 'I Live Alone' Yoo Ah In, "Actors make a lot of money...You need to be responsible" 

1. [+5592 / -313] For a moment, when I heard this, I thought that he was quite unique. He lives that grand at a young age but said that you need to know how to be responsible. His mind (t/n: way of thinking, mindset) is definitely different

2. [+4998 / -281] People who think like that are rare. There's many people who think that they're all great but it seems like Yoo Ah In has a lot of deep thoughts

3. [+4759 / -277] The delicate type who self-reflects and soul searches a lot... 

4. [+387 / -17] A lot of celebrities need to listen to this a bit closely. It's a rule that if you gain something, there's also something to lose. If you're going to whine, find something else to do. Despite all that, aren't they doing it because there's more things to enjoy.

Original Source (Star Today via Nate): 'I Live Alone' Yoo Ah In, ripped umbrella + stretched out sweatpants...Familiar 'neighborhood hyung' force, who's taking a night stroll

1. [+2012 / -118] He lives a glamorous life and in a nice house but it feels like Yoo Ah In wanted to show that he's also a person. I feel like he showed his sincere self as much as he can

2. [+1888 / -92] I feel like he thought a lot about himself and his acting. It was a really cool mindset when he said that being a celebrity is a job where you make a lot of money but you need to have a sense of responsibility for that job. I became a fan of Yoo Ah In after 'I Live Alone'

3. [+1828 / -87] He seems like a person who's really honest, feels lonely often, and delicate... It felt like he had a charm that stimulates the protective instinct so I saw him in a different light

4. [+172 / -9] Even if you say that it's scripted and he's pulling off a show, he fits the purpose of the show more than actresses who bring out all their friends and act ridiculous and actor Song who poses in a home that's not even his

5. [+152 / -7] It was way more fun that Yoo Ah In came out by himself and didn't bring his friends out. It was really 'I Live Alone', this scene was really relatable