Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Lee Ha Nee and Yoon Kye Sang break up after seven years of dating

1. [+2080 / -127] For lovers who date for a long time, it's either break up or get married..

2. [+1731 / -67] What a shame - I feel like if a relationship goes on for a long time, it's hard for it to reach marriage. They were a beautiful couple,,,,

3. [+1513 . -63] Aigoo.. I'm getting all sad, they looked good together~ 

4. [+213 / -15] Yoon Kye Sang looked like he didn't have any plans of getting married

5. [+185 / -30] I feel like soon, there's going to be articles that Lee Ha Nee is going to get married to either a businessman or a doctor - what would Lee Ha Nee miss out on

6. [+155 / -5] People need to get rid of the idea that all dating/relationships end in marriage, you just need to be happy every moment. They just need to break up with the good memories they have of each other

1. [+536 / -12] Even if you date for a long time, if you don't get married, you eventually..

2. [+508 / -19] The saying that if you date for a long time then it's hard to go to marriage is correct...

3. [+376 / -10] Oh I thought they would end up well, what a shame ㅜㅜ but there must be another good relationship!! I'll look forward to an even better activity in each of their area 

4. [+53 / -1] Let's say you get married after dating for a long time... but you still get a divorce even if you aren't a good fit (get along) ㅋㅋㅋ Like Jo Yoon Hee and Lee Dong Gun. It's better to break up if you feel like you don't match well even if you dated for a long time.