Monday, June 29, 2020

Lee Hyori addresses the possibility of a third season for 'Hyori's Homestay'

t/n: Lee Hyori did an Instagram Live on June 28th and people asked her about season three for 'Hyori's Homestay'. Regarding the possibility of a third season, Hyori said, "I think it (season three) will be a bit difficult [to do]. After the home was revealed, it was a bit hard. The house should be a happy space for me, oppa (Lee Sangsoon), and the kids (dogs) but it was a bit hard after it got revealed."

1. [+3818 / -99] It's hard. People coming to my personal space as if it's a tourist attraction, imagine how stressful that is

2. [+3144 / -100] Yeah.... After they wrapped up filming, tourists came to her home and camped out in front of her door... She can't even protect her privacy, I feel like it's hard for celebrities.

3. [+2751 / -93] She can't do it (the show) even more because of the inconvenient people who don't stop visiting her home

4. [+150 / -13] It's not just that people came to her home like it was a tourist attraction but they suddenly started ringing her doorbell all day asking to let them in, they would dance around as a group in front of her gate, they would fly a drone and even went into her yard and film everywhere. At that rate, they're (the people who came uninvited) criminals but Lee Hyori and Lee Sangsoon were saints.

5. [+110 / -13] Anyways, irrational people kept ringing their doorbell. Seriously, if you're a person who has a brain, let's behave like humans;