Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Many commenters believe that Yoo Ah In made a good decision to appear on 'I Live Alone'

Original Source (TV Report via Nate): 'I Live Alone' Yoo Ah In's familiar self-diss that suddenly came out, "My house itself is pretentious" → Clumsiness

1. [+3175 / -176] He seems like a person who has a lot of fears. The more he becomes flashy, he feels that he doesn't fit in well with the world so he gets intimidated and lives a nervous life. And for the people who see him in that state will think that he's unique or that he looks anxious. And he gets anxious again because of that attention.

2. [+3053 / -169] His effort to comfortably approach the public looked good. I enjoyed watching it

3. [+2749 / -164] Contrary to what I thought, he was cute ㅋㅋ

4. [+442 / -16] I got Sulli-like vibes ㅠㅠ He's unique but he wants to communicate with people and receive love... I think it was a good point for him to appear like this ^^ㅎ

5. [+390 / -16] When they said that he looks like a boy who lives on the rooftop and he said, "You can't hide your roots...." Why did I hear that so sadly

1. [+2594 / -119] Yoo Ah In worked his way up since he was young and has a lot of successful works so he's fully able to live like that

2. [+2364 / -79] Wow.. I really think that this is the best house... 

3. [+1442 / -80] He's unique and fun... he also looks anxious... it's somewhat sad

4. [+295 / -17] I feel like Yoo Ah In is quite a good person but... Imagine how terrible a person feels inside if they look themselves up every day... (t/n: in the original comment they wrote imagine how rotten a person feels inside because they look themselves up everyday but I thought that was too literal so I changed it to my interpretation which basically means the same thing) For me, there's a few celebrities who I can predict will have loads of hate comments just by looking at their name on an article and Yoo Ah In is one of them. There's also a problem with this generation that mocks someone's individuality and sensibility by calling it cringy or pretentious. You just need to keep in mind that there are people different from you and just let it go.

5. [+256 / -13] He has both money and honor but it feels like he lacks affection, is anxious and nervous, and he's living in severe loneliness and discomfort. I felt sorry for him...

1. [+2162 / -120] I think it was really good on him to come out on 'I Live Alone',

2. [+2052 / -118] The comments towards Yoo Ah In is definitely mixed (t/n: the likes/dislikes are mixed) but regarding his acting, you can't shit on him. His fellow actors, especially great actors too, highly praise Yoo Ah In. He's just a bit different from the public but I think he's a pure person. I'm supporting him.

3. [+630 / -48] Korea, a weird country where a person who has a mind of their own gets shitted on because they stand out... ㅋㅋㅋ It's because everyone' servility is too strong, I hope more people who have strong individualities like Yoo Ah In come out 

4. [+135 / -12] If you look at a different variety show Yoo Ah In came out in the past, I think he has a lot of various wounds from promoting in the entertainment industry since he was young. I think that's why as a self-defensive mechanism he made himself stronger on the outside, I think he can also come off as stiff. He seems to read a lot of books and he strongly has a mind of his own. I feel like he usually thinks deep thoughts by himself

5. [+117 / -7] He looks anxious. Train your mentality to become a bit stronger and don't look at hate comments on the Internet... I hope he trains on making his heart/mind stronger... 

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