Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Running Man shuts down its viewers message board due to malicious comments towards the cast

t/n: The reps of the 'Running Man' production team said, "Due to the reckless swearing, excessive slander, impersonation, and more towards the members, we have decided to make the message board private. We ask for the viewers' understanding."

1. [+5373 / -89] What exactly did Jeon So Min do wrong...? Ugh you losers in life

2. [+3736 / -72] No but how much hate comments do they leave.;;

3, [+1236 / -11] Rather than Koreans leaving the hate comments, you can tell that it's mostly foreigners who [leave the comments after they] translate it using translator apps..... (t/n: like Google Translator)

4. [+236 / -7] It's all foreigners. They're saying things like she stole Song Ji Hyo's screen time, blind fans are hopeless....

5. [+172 / -11] If there was no Jeon So Min - Running Man would've been boring and it would've already finished. (t/n: finished as in stopped airing)