Wednesday, June 3, 2020

[Post-Drama Interview] Jo Jung Suk reveals how Gummy supported his OST and how this role inspired his own journey with fatherhood

sir, no one said you can be this handsome + charming

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Original Source (OSEN via Nate): 'Hospital Playlist' Jo Jung Suk, "Wife Gummy first listened to 'Aloha' and supported me...Gave me a lot of encouragement"

Through this drama, Jo Jung Suk released 'Aloha' as part of the drama's OST. He sang the song himself and the song also climbed the music charts. Taking into consideration that his wife Gummy, who's receiving love as the 'OST Queen' - the married couple is together receiving acknowledgement from viewers.

On the topic of his wife supporting his work, Jo Jung Suk revealed, "My wife always monitors my projects as a fan but with this drama, she said that she was really into watching each and every episode rather than because of my character. With my previous projects, she watched while being a bit more focused on my characters but with this drama, she was focused on the drama's story and flow and really watched as a fan of the drama."

Regarding the topic of his OST, "Before 'Aloha' was released as a track, I played it for her and she gave support by saying that she thought the song matched well with the season and said that she thought the song would receive a lot of love. It gave me a lot of encouragement. "

Jo Jung Suk revealed that the song Gummy liked the most that came out on 'Hospital Playlist' was 'In Front of City Hall at the Subway Station'. When asked if there's any plans of collaborating with Gummy, he laughed and said that there's no official plans yet. 

When asked how he changed after getting married, the actor said, "I started to like taking walks. Taking walks with her is enjoyable and moments where we can do things together rather than doing it alone is enjoyable. Also life itself feels a lot more comfortable than it was before and it feels stable. The thing I especially felt changed after getting married is that I feel like I care more about my health than I did in the past."

1. [+758 / -17] They make a good couple together.. I feel like they're a cool married couple that gives each other strength... I'm jealous of Gummy-nim, today too.....

2. [+625 / -15] Gummy... You must've been an admiral in your past life... How many times did you save the country ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+477 / -11] I also support their duet - Gummy, please have a safe delivery~

4. [+26 / -1] They're just a married couple I'm jealous of..... they never fought because of their consideration and understanding for one another

Original Source (TV Daily via Nate): 'Soon-to-be dad' Jo Jung Suk, "Hope to become a father like Lee Ik Joon"

Jo Jung Suk played his first role as a father with 'Hospital Playlist'. In the drama, child actor Kim Joon played the role of his son, Woo Joo, and worked in harmony with Jo Jung Suk. His wife Gummy is currently six months pregnant and Jo Jung Suk who's actually about to become a father soon in real life said, "The timing where I got to play my first role of a father and the timing where I'm about to become a dad in real life matched so even I found it interesting and that might be why this role touched my heart more. The character Lee Ik Joon had a lot of similarities with what I considered an ideal father. Whether it was the way he treated Woo Joo, the way he copes with situations, his love for his son, and more - I think I was able to gain a lot of good influence from the way I was able to play Ik Joon. If I become a father in the future, I think that I'll be similar to Ik Joon and I want to become a father like Ik Joon." 

1. [+1523 / -23] The real winner is Gummy

2. [+1410 / -23] His wit, talking skills, face - he doesn't lack a single thing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm jealous of Gummy ㅠㅠ I should've become a spider or something ㅠㅠㅠ (t/n: Gummy in Korean is 거미 and it means spider)

3. [+892 / -16] I feel like he's going to raise his child like Woo Joo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+46 / -0] Ik Joon is seriously almost a perfect person. He has skills, he's devoted to his child, and he gets along with his friends. 

5. [+40 / -3] I feel like Jo Jung Suk is like Ik Joon in real life. Cool dad, I'll support you