Friday, February 8, 2019

Actress Kim Go Eun mesmerizes viewers with her singing skills on 'Your Song'

t/n: She sang Patti Kim's song 'Love That Left Autumn', you can listen to her cover here - X (YouTube)

1. [+560, -38] I was in awe because she sings so well and because it matched her well. An actress that makes you feel good whenever you see her ^^ I'm supporting you~

2. [+322, -17] Her voice is pretty... I really like this show...  

3. [+209, -22] She's an actress that has quite a pretty vibe!! She's also really good at singing!!

4. [+237, -52] She did better than I expected..... She sings better than most female idols, I quite like her singing voice~ ^^

5. [+143, -17] I really like Kim Go Eun ♡♡♡

ughhhh seriously is there anything she can't do????