Sunday, February 3, 2019

[Post-Drama Interview] Chan Hee looks back on his experience on 'SKY Castle'

"When I first joined the drama, I thought that the drama would do well because there's so many good seniors attached to the drama. When I auditioned, I received the script and I felt so friendly and relatable towards the character Woo Joo so I tried my best. At first, I auditioned for various characters. I auditioned for Woo Joo, Seo Joon, and Ki Joon. I was most attracted to Woo Joo's character. I think the director liked how I seem bright and my cute vibes the most. In reality, I'm not as bright or have a gentle charm like Woo Joo but my sense of responsibility is similar to him because I've promoted in the entertainment industry since I was young. Woo Joo is kind of a boring character but I'm funny. 

SKY Castle has recording a rating of 23.2% and created a nationwide syndrome but Chan Hee said, "A lot of people don't recognize me. I think they're more curious about the suspect than me so I don't really feel it (the drama' popularity)." 

According to Chan Hee, the hardest scenes to film was the kiss scene and the jail scene, the actor said, "I was so taken aback after receiving the script. I thought, are we allowed to suddenly kiss like this? I think it was a scene that was really needed and important because it was a scene where Hye Na was trying to provoke Ye Seo's jealousy. I was taken aback while filming, it was hard. I was on the receiving end but I was still nervous. I think that feeling of nervousness mixed well with the lines. I'm thankful cause she did so well. I just stayed still, Bo Ra nuna (Hye Na) did everything. For the jail scenes, I purposely licked my lips a lot and because I didn't sleep, my lips were chapped. I also told the sunbaes (about the lips and not sleeping), they said I'm someone who works hard and I'm also foolish. During that time, Lee Tae Ran sunbae was also struggling."

The topic of Lee Tae Ran, Choi Won Young, and Chan Hee's family being too idealistic came up. Especially, at the beginning, Lee Tae Ran's character was involved in a controversy for being an 'inconvenient character'. On this topic, Chan Hee said, "I thought isn't she a character that's needed in this type of society. She's a really perfect mother. Because she's so perfect, I think the viewers felt somewhat of a difference. Isn't good to have a perfect person like that. My mother is a warm person. She's an active person. She's a really good mother and person. Lee Tae Ran really took care of me like her son on the set. She gave me hot packs and on my birthday, she wrote me a letter and said, "Thanks for being my son". I remember tearing up and sending her a text saying, "Thank you for being my mom." The three of us has talked about this a lot. Choi Won Young said, "Our family is so perfect. It's harmonious". Even the script feels harmonious but because we also act like that so it feels too much so we talked often about how we have to do lines where we spit things out. Lee Tae Ran also said similar things. I took in the sunbaes' words. I received a lot of help from the two of them. I asked for advice for the scene where I break the flower pot, they told me, "Put in strength in the line you want." I put in strength in the line, "Dad, you're the one who killed Hye Na" so I think that's why it felt animated so I was happy." 

When asked what kind of son he is in real life, Chan Hee said, "To be honest, I'm not a great son. I don't call often but I do think about my mother often but there hasn't been a lot of times where I travel with her. If time allows it, I want to spend a lot of time with my parents and sibling. I wasn't good at studying. In elementary school, I got 100s on midterms and finals but the score went down a bit after I entered middle school."

1. [+1710, -195] I don't understand people who shit on Woo Joo's mom, she's the best mom but the characters who deserve shit are Kwak Mi Hyang and Kim Joo Young but they're compassionate towards the murderers (in the drama) because they're empathetic towards them, does that mean that they live like Kwak Mi Hyang in real life since they're talking shit about Woo Joo's family who are compassionate, upright, and righteous?

2. [+759, -21] would you 
↪ [+75, -감0] Seriously who said "Give me water" = "It's Woo Joo" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (t/n: The scene where Hye Na is in the hospital, she said "Give me water" but people who "read" lips said she's saying, "It's Woo Joo" LOLOL)

3. [+370, -12] The words where she said, "I'm sorry that he's not my biological son, I'm sorry I didn't give birth to him" was really deafening. I sobbed

4. [+233, -19] The girl he liked for two years was trying to report about leaked test papers and died, he was in prison for a few months - Han Seo Jin, who knew the truth behind the case and kept it secret, apologized but would you just accept the apology like nothing happened? Isn't that funnier? It's not like he's buddha ㅋㅋ He even apologized to Ye Seo for getting mad at her parents because he couldn't control his emotions then - why exactly is Woo Joo getting shitted on...

5. [+150, -12] Our Woo Joo... Can mom write a story about your prison life!???

6. [+112, -6] He's good at acting but I think it'll be even better if he fixes his pronunciation a bit. He was in charge of cringy lines - and I enjoyed watching his crying acting as he controlled his facial expressions and suppressed his emotions but in episode 19, you can feel like the scene where he shouted was a bit lacking but if those detailed emotions improve a bit I think he'll be able to grow into a good actor! I'm supporting you!