Friday, February 1, 2019

Actor Jo Byung Gyu apologizes for the comments he made about Yoon Se Ah on Happy Together

He posted on his Instagram: "Hello, this is Jo Byeong Gyu. As this was my first time on a variety show, with no experience but a lot of ambition, I think I was careless in the way I spoke about my senior. I watched the broadcast and realized that I had been indiscreet. I reflected deeply on my thoughtlessness. I will accept the disappointment I have caused and bow my head to sincerely apologize. I will learn and work hard to become a better actor in the future. Thank you. I’m sorry." (cr. Soompi

You can refer back to this post about what he said on the episode - X

1. [+7615, -1397] We can't say anything in our country. Do you get uncomfortable over everything

2. [+6131, -792] But Yoon Se Ah doesn't feel like a mom of high schoolers. Even when a fellow woman sees her, she's pretty and charming so a young male actor can say that he wants to play opposite of her. Why are saying it's a porn plot or something;; 'My Mother and Her Guest' is a masterpiece and a guest house nuna and the guest house tentant is porn?

3. [+5031, -715] Why is he apologizing? There was nothing uncomfortable about it.

4. [+2406, -413] All I did was enjoy watching it and laughed.

5. [+1683, -313] But it's an era where Kim Kang Woo and Yoon Yeo Jung film a bed scene...

6. [+530, -108] If Jo Byung Gyu wasn't in yesterday's episode, it would've been boring...

7. [+388, -66] Wow when I was watching 'Happy Together' yesterday, it was funny in a different way as the drama and I enjoyed it while thinking they were good at variety shows but was it a scene that's controversial that it needs an apology...