Friday, February 8, 2019

Another restaurant owner calls out Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurant for the "suffering" the show has caused them

t/n: The owner of the eel restaurant is claiming they're suffering because of the production team for 'Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurant'. His complaints followed the other restaurant owner, they both appeared in the same episodes. 

On his Instagram, he first clarified the issue on the beef seaweed soup/miyeokgook (미역국). Originally, in the episode, Baek Jong Won was trying the beef seaweed soup and was wondering by the soup didn't have a lot of beef flavor when there was so much beef in his soup bowl. The production team said that when they went to try the food beforehand, they didn't know the soup had beef in it cause their soup didn't come with beef and the owner said that during dinner time, the beef comes up more because he scoops it from way below. 

Baek Jong Won went to check the pot and said, "This isn't right, giving a lot of beef because you're coming out on a show. This is why you can barely taste the beef in the soup", because his soup bowl was filled with beef but the pot was basically empty of beef. Baek Jong Won always tells the restaurants to serve him like they normally serve their customers.

In the owner's clarification post, he said, "Because I wasn't able to do dinner business because of filming, I scooped the miyeokgook, that had a lot leftover, like I usually do. The day before the first day of filming, the writer told me that the filming won't interfere with the business. On the day of filming, I was prepared for business but they later on told me to not do dinner business because filming got delayed." 

After filming, the restaurant owner messaged the production team and said, "If I have a lot of miyeokgook remaining, I give away like that (a lot). Because it's service (free) anyways, I haven't received complaints from customers saying it's too little. The production team had me prepare all the ingredients for the day of filming and then later changed their words (t/n: filming got delayed), was it their purpose to have a lot of miyeokgook left over."

You can watch all the issues Baek Jong Won found (e.g. not properly handling the eel/too much bones, seafood being stored in room temperature, grilled fish being reheated in the microwave before being served, etc) at this restaurant here - X (YouTube)

The owner said that the he's suffering cause of the show and that it caused him a lot of stress and depression.

1. [+11018, -792] If you look at the people who are claiming that they suffered because of 'Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurant', they have some things in common - all the viewers know it but only they don't know their problem, they don't put in effort and their pride is so strong... Of course, self-pride is important but in a situation where you're learning, you should take out the pride and learn 
↪ [+384, -9] That person... When the show ended, his image was really good!!!!!!! Why is he blaming the show when he's the one who made his business flop?
↪ [+96, -4] Seriously, he always smiled and tried hard so I viewed him nicely but I don't understand why he's doing this

2. [+6832, -373] Why is he being unruly? He received a solution well, he's the one who turned everything over after changing everything, what is he so upset about? Whether or not SBS edited it, it's a fact that Baek Jong Won gave you a solution and guided you well? Other restaurants received a solution, changed, and are now living nicely but why are you only saying you're a victim? If you were that upset about it, you should've requested a broadcast ban. You're now doing this.. Wow.. (t/n: This restaurant is also known by viewers for opening up a second location right next to the original location as soon as their episode began airing.)

3. [+6507, -214] I thought for the Ttukseom part, at least this restaurant was the one that transformed into a human but you're doing this because you wanted to clarify that one thing about the miyeokgook? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whew you tried to sell octopus and seafood that was left in room temperature water and you also tried to sell mackerel that was cooked beforehand, you weren't shitted on because you nicely accepted the solution. Wake up, it seems like you're doing this because the tonkatsu restaurant (t/n: the other complainer) incited you but think you stupid bastard, he's ruining himself  

4. [+5389, -133] If he had the mindset and idea to sell microwaved fish then there's no point in listening to him. (t/n: Baek Jong Won caught him serving fish microwaved, it was already grilled but he microwaved it before serving it)

5. [+3614, -220] I think the production team's words are right - if you're upset, you should've refuted then and reheating the fish in the microwave is severe ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Imagine how much the production team thought he was fake after he served the miyeokgook more generously than usual