Sunday, February 17, 2019

Actor Kim Byung Ok apologizes for drunk driving

t/n: Kim Byung Ok said, "After drinking, I called a driver and after we arrived at the apartment parking lot, I was careless by parking it myself. Drunk driving is definitely wrong. I'm reflecting over my actions. I apologize to my fans and the general public for causing trouble." The police said they arrived at his apartment complex after receiving a call from someone saying someone was driving weirdly in the parking lot. His Driver's License can be revoked because of his BAC level.   

1. [+18366, -76] It seems like the driver screwed him over, a situation like this is a bit unfair.. There are a lot of drivers who won't park your car (t/n: In Korea, there are driving companies people call to drive their cars for them after they spent the night drinking)

2. [+13206, -48] From now on, for the drivers who don't park, put them away for aiding and abetting 
↪ [+696, -2] Forreal, they know that the drinker needs to park their car and if they don't do it, it's aiding and abetting... 

3. [+9605, -88] Drunk driving and drunk parking is a different nature of crime

4. [+7118, -72] I feel like he argued with the driver over the issue of the driving fee and the driver reported him..

5. [+6312, -318] Let it go, for situations like this 

6. [+2781, -3] It's not like an apartment resident will come out to their veranda on a cold night like that to see someone parking... I'm 99% sure that the driver reported him