Friday, February 8, 2019

[Article Translation] Actress Oh Yoon Ah opens up about raising a son with a developmental disability

Actress Oh Yoon Ah recently wrapped up the drama 'A Pledge to God' and to celebrate, Oh Yoon Ah has been doing interviews. On the day of the interview, Oh Yoon Ah said, "I actually have a son so I was immersed in the drama (t/n: The drama is about families dealing with a sick child). Actor Bae Soo Bin jokingly said my child's existence can be a stepping stone for acting. I think it just naturally becomes like that. You come to think a lot about the love towards a child. Not just for my son but you can feel and understand a mother's feelings. Because I'm raising a sick child (developmental disability), I think a lot about that while acting. A lot of people are curious about my son and I was wondering how I can open up about him so that's why I talked about him on 'Real Men'. I'm a very busy mom. I always live with feeling guilty. I'm not a good mother. As my son entered into the upper grades, he spends more time at school. When we're together, I try to give him the most love but it's not enough for the child."

1. [+910, -20] If you only look at the article title, it sounds like you're saying it's sinful to have a developmental disability, this journalist... 

2. [+659, -6] How can that be a parent's sin/guilt... I can feel how big your love for your son is. Starting from mom, you should be brave!! Your child will grow up prettily and bright. 

3. [+497, -5] Oh Yoon Ah don't feel so guilty ㅠㅠ I also have a child in my family who's very sick so I understand how a mother feels. You stay up many nights, blaming yourself, I remember that dawn for a mother. Your healthy mind will definitely be delivered/conveyed to your son. Stay strong and give him a lot of love. It might be a mother's heart to always blame yourself for lacking things but blame yourself accordingly (t/n: They're saying don't go overboard with blaming yourself/feeling guilty).

4. [+294, -8] Stay strong and be a good mother.. I'll always support you..~ ^^

5. [+137, -3] Hwaiting