Monday, February 11, 2019

[Article Translation] Things end tragically for a couple who had marriage plans ahead of them after an unlicensed teen drives into them

The 19 year old was driving without a license and then crashed into the couple who was crossing the crosswalk. The couple who was involved in the crash had a marriage ahead of them but the woman passed away on the scene. 

The couple had no chance of avoiding the car because it was coming at them so fast and they didn't even expect it. Because of this accident, the 28 year old woman died on the scene and the 29 year old man has suffered serious injuries. The woman is an elementary school teacher who was in the area for a workshop. 

You can watch the report video here - X (YouTube).

1. [+6459, -3] What is this that's going on because of a bastard in his 10s, isn't it severe how we've been letting teenager bastards off the hook these days. Elementary school students these days are smoking, it's ridiculous how when you pass by them on the street they ask "Nuna do you have a lighter"?, once they go into middle school, they steal a drunk person's wallet and they make fake IDs and go drinking, the people who are making the IDs are funny too

2. [+3222, -24] Killing someone while driving unlicensed should be a billion won and make them compensate for it by doing labor for the rest of their life~~ They don't become a person just because they go to prison. He needs to suffer for the rest of his life.    

3. [+1988, -24] Unlicensed driving, drunk driving - they need to rule over it with the maximum sentence - may she rest in peace. 

4. [+1219, -26] It wasn't even drunk driving, the judges who are out of their minds in this country are going to act like Buddha again! There's no law in this country

5. [+879, -43] JTBC said that it was their first date ㅠㅠ Add murder charges to the perpetrator 
↪ [+135, -44] JTBC always reports things while trying to tug at your emotions