Thursday, November 29, 2018

Actor Park Hae Soo to get married in January

1. [+729, -15] I'm his high school classmate.... He dug into acting for a long time and succeeded and he's also getting married, congratulations~!! ^^  

2. [+666, -10] I sometimes wondered about this alone but why doesn't he have another project after 'Prison Playbook'?? Shouldn't he be using the opportunity when it flows in
↪ [+197, -1] He just hasn't been doing dramas or movies... He's performing in a play

3. [+325, -7] He's an actor that I thought was quite cool in 'Prison Playbook' and wow so he's getting married, congratulations ^^!

4. [+196, -13] Even Jung Woo who appeared in Shim Won Ho's project didn't have any news after blowing up with 'Reply 1994', this person is the same... Come to think of it, I feel like both of their appearances are similar 

5. [+105, -17] Why doesn't this person come out in more things?