Saturday, November 10, 2018

[Post-Drama Interview] Kim Dong Wook reveals that he thought about giving up on acting

Q. What are your feelings on wrapping up 'Hand: The Guest'? 
Kim Dong Wook: I feel extremely relieved. It was a drama that wasn't very easy. I'm glad it wrapped up safely and I'm relieved.
Q. With your response, I feel 'relief' more strongly than 'regret'. Was filming that hard?
Kim Dong Wook: Starting from June, we filmed for around 5 months but it was a hard time physically and emotionally. A scene is a scene but it was hard expressing the character Hwa Pyung's feelings. There were a lot of emotional scenes that were really deep and there were many times where I was emotionally worn out because there were a lot of scenes that were heavy and had scary vibes. There were a lot of times when we filmed during the late night and there were a lot of action scenes so it was physically hard too.    
Q. Aren't you happy because as tiring as it was filming, the results were just as good?
Kim Dong Wook: After the drama aired episode 1 and 2, I heard people around me say: "I can't watch it because it's scary". The thing I'm grateful towards the director for is that he maintained the drama's color/identity with perseverance until the end. If he considered ratings and other external factors, we might've been able to compromise but because we didn't, I feel like we were able to see this drama's own charms. I also think that the drama receiving good reactions until the end is because of factors like that.    
Q. Did you know who Park Il Do was when joining the drama?
Kim Dong Wook: It wasn't that we knew until the end but, the three main leads knew who Park Il Do kinda was. I also found out about how they were going to reveal that at the ending after reading the script. I received a lot of contact from my friends with them asking me who Park Il Do is. There was also a person who said, "If you don't tell me, I'm going to end our friendship." My parents also asked. Every time they asked, I would send them a smiling emoticon and replied, "Please watch live until the very end". (laughs)   
Q. "It's his life character", "I knew Kim Dong Wook was good at acting but I didn't know he was this good", "His acting rose" and more good comments poured out. How does it feel getting your acting acknowledged?
Kim Dong Wook: It's really good. I'm thankful. It makes me think whether or not it's the greatest compliment. I don't know if other words can express this feeling. I want to just use all good words. It's really good, I'm happy, and I'm thankful - those words might be average but at this moment, those [words] are my most honest expressions. 
Q. Did you originally like the exorcism genre?
Kim Dong Wook: I don't like it at all. I'm also scared. With our [drama], it was alright because I watched it while knowing the plot. (laughs)
Q. In 'Along with the Gods', you had the role of an evil spirit so you put on makeup all over your body, in this role as well, you were possessed by an evil spirit so visually, you had shocking makeup. 
Kim Dong Wook: So the skin of my face and body is all ruined. Jokingly, I said, "In exchange for the love I received from fans while doing this drama, I lost my health and skin." I think I need to spare some time to recover.
Q. You met Kim Jae Wook who played the role of Choi Yoon, 11 years after 'Coffee Prince'. How is it seeing Kim Jae Wook again? 
Kim Dong Wook: He's the same. It was really comfortable seeing a friend again whom you made during the immature period where you filmed while not knowing much. We joked around a lot and we shared a lot of worries while discussing about things related to acting. We have confidence in each other. That's why whatever that friend does or whatever way he acts, we trust in each other and film while relying on each other. And if a scene we worried about together comes out nicely, we feel joy. As an actor, Jae Wook-ie, his attention is really good. Rather than depending on the talent he has, he's a friend who continues to worry over it and as an actor, he wants to show something more. While filming this time, I depended on him a lot.  
Q. How was your teamwork with Jung Eun Chae who played the role of Jang Kil Young? 
Kim Dong Wook: If it wasn't Eun Chae, it would've been hard to pull this drama to this point. She didn't emerge to the exterior that much but it was possible because actor Jung Eun Chae is quiet and endured firmly. She could've passed out because she was worn out but she never once said she was tired and she endured everything. That was a big help for the drama. I'm really thankful towards Eun Chae and I'm proud. This is something the director, Jae Wook, and I all agree on.  
Q. Since you debuted in 2004, it's been 15 years since your debut. What is the driving force that helped you endure this long period as an actor? 
Kim Dong Wook: The biggest strength was my family. At any moment, my family was the existence that gave me the most strength and they're the reason I need to live fiercely and strongly. And every time I wanted to give up, there were always people next to me who held my hand. It's not a specific person but because I had people who gave me strength during those moments [of wanting to give up], I feel like that's why I was able to endure it up until now.  
Q. Does that mean that you had moments where you wanted to give up on acting?
Kim Dong Wook: Of course. There were many times. There were times where I was able to easily pass through it and there were serious times. Those moments occasionally come. 
Q. Because you were able to endure those difficult times, don't you think that's why we were able to see you as Soo Hong in 'Along with the Gods' and Hwa Pyung in 'Hand: The Guest'. As an actor, you had an amazing 2018. This year is ending, what are your end of the year plans?
Kim Dong Wook: After finishing 'Along with the Gods 1', during an interview, I said, "I hope 2018 passes by instantly and busily" - it really feels like it passed by like that. In a split second, so many things happened. It was a year where I was thankful. For the end of the year, I don't have anything specially planned, but for now, I plan to spend it while resting.  

1. [+235, -0] I can't imagine Yoon Hwa Pyung being played by someone who isn't Kim Dong Wook. To the actor-nim who more and more played the character charmingly, I'll look forward to you in the future as well

2. [+144, -0] It makes me wonder if he can really act well this much and he seems really smart (t/n: This is a compliment - sorry if the wording is a bit weird)

3. [+100, -0] It was a drama that was addicting, the after effect is huge, other dramas aren't exciting... Both of you make sure to go get a physical exam and please come back quickly healthily in a good drama~ 

4. [+68, -0] I was really immersed and enjoyed watching it, I'm so sad it ended and Dong Wook's acting ✌✌✌

5. [+66, -0] Hwa Pyung-ie hyung, let's go for a second season~~~~