Monday, November 19, 2018

[Article Translation][Incheon Middle School Bullying Case Follow-Up] The mother of the victim speaks up about one of the assailants wearing her late son's clothes

NOTE: This is a follow-up to this article - X. I'll be translating the transcript of the interview/video that's available in the original article.

The child who dreamed of becoming a professional gamer began talking less this year. He asked, "Mom, why are you a foreigner?". He also often lost his clothes and cellphone. 

Mother of victim: When I say, "Then go and bring it back" after my son said, "I forgot my clothes at my friend's house" then he wouldn't go and get it. 

Student A who is one of the 4 assailants is the son's elementary school classmate who would often come over to play at the victim's house. She felt reassured because a big build kid (student A) was friends with her small son but recently, there was a lot of weird situations. 

Mother of victim: (When student A came over to the house) I would order pizza and chicken. But it turns out that my son didn't eat a single bite of it. 

And then on the 13th at dawn, the victim was assaulted by the four assailants at a park. During the afternoon on that day, he was assaulted for over an hour on an apartment's roof and it's been reported that he eventually fell from the roof and died. 

On the day of the accident, the mother found it weird that her son was wearing short-sleeved clothes. 

Mother of victim: I was watching the news at the funeral, I thought, "Oh, it's my son's clothes" and thought that it (the clothes) must've been taken from him. 

The mother cried and her heart came down crumbling. 

Although she became aware that her son was being bullied, she said her sense of guilt is big because she couldn't protect him and it's because she had to always work to raise her son in a foreign country. 

Mother of victim: Because I work, I kept calling because I was worried about my son. I should've held his hand but I'm sorry because I couldn't protect him. 

After reports about this came out, many people online have been urging for the assailants to be strongly punished. 

t/n: There's also been some commenters saying the victim is biracial. Other reports are saying the mom is a Korean-Russian (she's still ethnically Korean but she has a Russian citizenship)

1. [+14898, -35] Get rid of the juvenile act and give them the death penalty

2. [+9498, -46] This is murder! For many years, his cellphone, clothes, and food were frequently stolen/taken away from him, they assaulted him, bullied him, and even killed him! You need to sentence them to death! You also need to send the assailants' parents to jail!

3. [+6993, -42] If I think about my children experiencing the same thing, I don't think I'll be able to just let the assailants go.   

4. [+3548, -39] Imagine how the mom felt after seeing that, my heart hurts  

5. [+3064, -40] Even if those bastards come out to society, they won't be of any help... Isolate them all the way