Thursday, November 15, 2018

A picture of parents greeting their daughter after she completes her college entrance exams warms readers' hearts

Original Source (Newsis via Naver): Parents who hug their daughter with two open arms 

1. [+11229, -44] That child is quite a happy child because her parents love her that much...

2. [+3835, -27] Having parents like that.. the college entrance exams aside, that child already succeeded..

3. [+2373, -21] Ah it's kinda touching, thank you for your hard work.

4. [+2357, -35] The picture is so pretty 

5. [+1306, -217] Do those people know their people's being uploaded?

6. [+684, -13] Please don't commit suicide over things like college entrance exams.. Looking back, the thing that was barely anything in my life was college entrance exams 

7. [+499, -6] Ah why am I crying