Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jo Min Ki's wife deletes Instagram post that was remembering him on his birthday

NOTE: You can read about everything I translated about him and his involvement in the #metoo movement here - X

1. [+8385, -744] Whether she knew about his disgusting behaviors or learned about them, her wanting to wish him a happy birthday is surprising and I can't blame her but. Did she just have to. I don't think she had to upload that on a public space. 

2. [+4466, -325] If it was my husband that sexually harassed/semi-raped students and he arranged a studio to do that and a coping manual was secretly floating around - the moment I learn about it, I'll immediately be put off and file for divorce, that person is quite in real love;;; 

3. [+2687, -205] I'm also married but... Is that affection? If my husband did that, I wouldn't understand..

4. [+1915, -92] It's amazing in various ways..