Saturday, November 17, 2018

Middle school student falls to his death after being attacked by a group of his peers

The story is still developing but articles are all saying that on the 13th, student A (14) and three other students attacked student B as a group at the rooftop of a 15th floor apartment in Incheon. After the incident, student B fell to his death from the roof at 6PM on that day. You can read another article about it here - X (Korea Herald)

1. [+7716, -22] When are they going to get rid of the juvenile act?? 

2. [+2336, -15] Get rid of the juvenile act and you need to punish them severely

3. [+1458, -16] It makes me question if they're the children of bastards who had a slim chance of success, give them a life imprisonment sentence

4. [+1194, -21] Reveal their faces

5. [+1096, -33] Death from a fall? It's not him falling after his death? 

6. [+459, -3] It makes me wonder whether or not they tried to make it look like a suicide by pushing him off the roof after beating him up to death - it's the worse crime that's making you question the most extreme possibilities  

1. [+4688, -6] Wearing the padding jacket of the person they killed means they're simply a psychopath. Did those bastards treat the victim like a human? Like hunting an animal family and skinning them, they're wearing the deceased's clothes like it's nothing - this is why we need reveal their personal details and their names. 

2. [+2085, -5] Even if you say they're young, they're immature - they're not even human for doing something like that - if the mother of the victim saw, her blood would flow backwards, that bastard's parents could've seen it but the fact that they just let it go - it's something a human wouldn't do. I have goosebumps because I, a third party, can feel the sorrow of the the victim who died and his mother who's a Russian woman 

3. [+1103, -5] Reducing those bastards' sentence because of the juvenile act is ridiculous. No matter what, punish them the same as adults.

4. [+805, -4] I feel like he's really crazy. Get rid of the juvenile act immediately.

5. [+801, -2] Hul did you want to stand in the perp walk wearing that? You must've really liked it (the padding jacket). Did you kill him because you wanted it?