Monday, November 26, 2018

[Partial Article Translation] Song Mino opens up about his panic disorder and his experience with 'NJTTW'

Original Source (OSEN via Naver): Song Mino opens up about #YangHyunSuk, #Panic_Disorder, #NJTTW, #Jennie right before his solo debut

A portion of 'FIANCÉ' was revealed through an episode of 'New Journey to the West' that aired on the 25th. Song Mino said, "Yesterday on 'NJTTW', 'FIANCÉ' came out as the background music. I was also surprised while watching the show live. It was played a lot. I felt happy but I couldn't concentrate on the show. It was a really funny scene but I couldn't see it/focus and only my hearing was heightened. A lot of people contacted me, they said the song was good." 

For the people who learned about Song Mino through variety shows, it's possible for them to receive a refreshing shocker through this news report. Song Mino explained, "If I think about that, it makes me determine the end. When I do music, I try to exclude that image as much as possible. Through 'NJTTW', I approach it as a familiar and funny character, and people who learned about me [through NJTTW] might feel strange but I hope that they will still listen to the album." 

Song Mino previously confessed about his panic disorder on another show. On this subject, Song Mino said, "Early this year, it got a bid bad. I am trying my best. During that time, I was producing music. It was hard but I thought that I shouldn't pile it up and I should let it go. I made music and drew too. I think that if I just only stayed at home then it would've been hard. It got better because I was able to express it in any way."

1. [+1648, -69] 'NJTTW' was really funny yesterday but I couldn't concentrate at all because of 'FIANCÉ' playing in the background because the background music was so good, if he got an OK (approval) from Jin Woo then it's done since first place is Song Mino anyways

2. [+862, -3] I like the interview. Claps for him growing with each and every step~~ Let's hwaiting 

3. [+719, -19] I listened to Song Mino's 'FIANCÉ' briefly but it was good, I want to hurry up and listen to the full song

4. [+514, -22] Am I the only one who's looking more forward to it after reading the interview, if the song is good, I'm going to buy the album too 

5. [+430, -13] I'll listen to all the b-side tracks, Song Mino hwaiting

6. [+110, -1] Wow after reading the interview, he really didn't carelessly make the album. I'm seriously really, really looking forward to it. 

7. [+96, -1] When the song came out on 'NJTTW' yesterday, I couldn't concentrate on the show because I liked it so much ㅋㅋㅋ