Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Ha Jung Woo's agency releases a statement regarding the actor's alleged propofol abuse

A few days ago, there was a report that a famous actor was using propofol and they were using the drugs under their sibling's name. The original report kept the actor's identity anonymous but many commenters guessed that it was Ha Jung Woo. The actor finally released a statement.

"For many years, Ha Jung Woo was concerned about a scar on his face. In January 2019, he was introduced to the director of a clinic that is famous for its laser scar treatment. That director was very eager to help Ha Jung Woo with his scar treatment.

Ha Jung Wo received the strong laser treatment about ten times between January and September 2019. Every time the treatment took place, the clinic director judged that the patient should be put to sleep. There was absolutely no case of drug abuse. After seeing some results from the treatment, he stopped going to the clinic last fall.
We will now explain the issue of ‘receiving the treatment under his actor dongsaeng [younger brother, but can also refer to any younger acquaintance]’s name.’

From the very beginning, the clinic director advocated for privacy and told him to wear a mask and a hat when he came for treatment. In this context, the director asked Ha Jung Woo for the names and personal information of an entertainment agency representative dongsaeng and his manager. Ha Jung Woo assumed this was vaguely related to privacy protection, and because it was a doctor who was requesting it, he gave the information without much suspicion. He does not know what exactly the hospital did with the information, but he never intended to hide the fact that he was receiving treatment.

Even though the hospital director requested it, he is deeply reflecting on the fact that he gave someone else’s personal information in this situation. He also apologizes sincerely to his fans for the misunderstandings that this has caused.

Fortunately, we have text messages from the past few months that confirm Ha Jung Woo’s appointments at the clinic, as well as conversations between him and the hospital director about the treatment and any follow-up procedures. The text messages will clearly show that he only went to the hospital with the goal of treatment in mind.

We ask that people refrain from releasing unconfirmed reports. The agency will eagerly comply with any requests from investigators.

For public artists, it is not helpful to have their names put out by the media in connection with controversial issues. Since our artist did not have anything on his conscience, we hoped that it would naturally die down. However, since the rumors kept spreading, we have decided to put out a statement.

We would like to apologize for causing concern to the fans and others who have always trusted and supported Ha Jung Woo.

Thank you." (cr. Soompi)

1. [+7506 / -325] Hospitals are busy with advertising that a celebrity came to their hospital but you're saying that they told you to use your brother's name and visit the hospital with your face covered? ㅋㅋㅋ
↪ [+752 / -25] I also like Ha Jung Woo too but that part doesn't make sense. If it was an actress, it's possible that it can become gossip but it's Ha Jung Woo.. He's there to treat his scars but is there a reason for him to use a different name and protect himself.. And saying that the doctor instructed you to do it..? It makes absolutely no sense
↪ [+245 / -27] Not everyone who went there promotes that they go there

2. [+4950 / -223] He went to a dermatologist to get treated but secretly receiving treatment under his younger brother's name, it's not like he's an idol with sasaengs ㅋㅋ Ah seriously, this is enough to make the cat laugh ㅋㅋ

3. [+5378 / -1657] First of all, everybody remain neutral...

4. [+3055 / -166] Huh but why was it necessary for him to use his brother's name from the start..? I don't get it

5. [+3273 / -706] As long as you have a prescription, drugs aren't illegal. Unless it's been confirmed that the drug was distributed through illegal and secret methods past the amount it's been prescribed, I think it's best if we sit back and watch it over. It's not too late to shit on him after he's found guilty.

6. [+1747 / -19] No but Ha Jung Woo itself is a stage name and his birth name is Kim Sung Hoon.... Kim Sung Hoon is a very common name but why did they make him use his brother's name to get a prescription instead of using his own name? Isn't that in itself a violation of medical laws? And you're saying that the hospital came forward and violated medical laws? It's too sus

Original Source (SPOTVNEWS via Naver): "It was only used 10 times in total for scar treatment" Ha Jung Woo 'refutes' the allegations of illegally using propofol...Film industry stirred up

1. [+2074 / -120] The fact is him getting treatment under his brother's name is subject to investigation for forging documents + violation of medical laws + obstruction of justice + destruction of evidence + abuse of drugs. 

2. [+1097 / -32] You said it was for treatment, you should've been confident with using your name

3. [+1025 / -39] There seems to be a lot of comments defending this cowardly person who's giving out just a nonsensical excuse? This they release their part-time workers from the start of the morning? What's so problematic about a dermatology treatment that you have to go and use your brother's name to get treatment? You should your brother's name because there's something shady and on top of that, I heard another chairperson also used propofol under Ha Jung Woo's brother's name? Even an elementary school student can tell that this is a weird situation but it looks like there are people who are accepting this poor excuse?

4. [+696 / -17] Why would they do something like that when they're at the top

5. [+637 / -21] Everyone knows that your skin isn't good, it's not like you're an actress - it's not like people are gonna say something because you're getting treatment. Also, you guys are VIPs so they're going to meet with you separately after normal business hours but why do you need to do things illegally and why do you need someone else's name?! Also, it's not like you're the only one who used your brother's name, why??? Explain it     

What a lame ass excuse
Disappointed to see that the commenters' guesses in the previous post was true