Saturday, February 15, 2020

Channel A reports that a famous actor is under investigation for propofol abuse, obtained drugs using sibling's name

t/n: Not a lot of details are out yet but according to the Korea Herald, "Prosecutors are looking into about 10 people suspected of drug abuse, including a famous actor, a chaebol scion, an entertainment agency CEO and a well-known fashion designer, SBS reported Thursday.

Those suspected allegedly got habitual propofol injections for non-medical purposes over the past several years at a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s Gangnam, the broadcaster said.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety requested for an investigation, as the clinic used excessive amounts of propofol, a highly addictive psychoactive drug prohibited for non-medical use.

Late last year, prosecutors searched the clinic and obtained circumstantial evidence that the actor and the others received illegal propofol injections. Prosecutors had gone over the clinic’s medical records and questioned its staff. The head of the clinic and one of its staff have been detained. 

Propofol is a prescription drug used to induce anesthesia during surgeries and tests. It reduces anxiety but could cause hallucinations."

1. [+5002 / -43] You can reveal Lee Jae Yong's name but why is the celebrity an initial?

2. [+921 / -30] So who is it
↪ [+81 / -8] "4885, that's you right?" (t/n: Here's a link to the clip of a famous movie and you can see who plays 4885)

3. [+797 / -29] Why is someone's name revealed while someone else gets to remain anonymous?

4. [+770 / -38] But for a TV channel that says that they are a news channel that specializes in current news, what's with them coming out with this report but keeping it anonymous with initials? Are your stocks on the same level as rumors?

5. [+733 / -46] They reveal the whole identity of little kids and criticize them unconditionally but why aren't you revealing the identities of these criminals directly involved in this

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): Movie actor A, used propofol using their younger sibling's name

1. [+1225 / -19] Is the famous actor scarier than Lee Jae Yong? Why aren't you mentioning their real name?

2. [+641 / -24] This is funny.. They have no issues with revealing the chaebol's name but they won't reveal the celebrity's name.... Can you do this? Or can you not? Is being a chaebol a punishment??

3. [+252 / -32] Ha.. I'm really sad (t/n: the original comment is "하....정말 우울하네" which is romanized to Ha... Jungmal woowoolhanae)
↪ [+42 / -4] I'm hella disappointed... After Jang Dong Gun, what you see in the entertainment industry isn't everything 
↪ [+32 / -1] What are you going to do if it's not true;;;
↪↪[+22 / -2] They're saying they are sad, what's with you

4. [+302 / -158] It's illegal. I think you'll grow those feelings because you want to sleep but the witch hunt towards Amy, Jang Mi In Ae and others was too severe.  

5. [+140 / -15] The thing I'm curious about is, if they administered it at a hospital, is it to help them sleep? So that they can have a good sleep.

If the commenters' guesses are true....
I'll be v disappointed...