Saturday, February 29, 2020

[Article Translation] People send Lee Si Eon support after the actor receives hate comments for the amount he donated to help fight against COVID-19

He gets hated on even though he did a good deed. Actor Lee Si Eon made a donation to Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association to help fight against COVID-19 but he's receiving hate from some people because the amount he donated is apparently too little. 

On February 27th, Lee Si Eon posted on his Instagram a screenshot of his bank transfer with the caption, "I hope this can be of some help." According to the screenshot, Lee Si Eon donated 1 million won (roughly $833) to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association. 

On news regarding Yoo Se Yoon's donation, Lee Si Eon commented, "Hyung-nim, do I just need to send a donation to that place?" and made a donation soon after. Netizens were pleased by their heartwarming good deed. But there were hate commenters who tried to start a fight regarding the amount Lee Si Eon donated, saying that 1 million won is a small amount. They mentioned that in recent days for the COVID-19 situation, many top stars donated a big amount, they were comparing the amount. 

Lee Si Eon ended up deleting his post regarding his donation because of this unreasonable controversy. Majority of netizens have said that they were moved by Lee Si Eon and Yoo Se Yoon's actions so they have also made donations but they have expressed their regrets about hate commenters who are saying that you are expressing your heart through money/monetary amount. 

1. [+31920 / -268] They're shitting on him even when he's making a donation...
↪ [+977 / -9] Lee Si Eon, you're doing a good deed.. Thank you
↪ [+252 / -1] This is why they're disabling the comment function ㅋㅋㅋ They're all acting like judges because no one can see them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
↪ [+307 / -3] This is ridiculous - just ignore them and I'm sending you applause for your good deed

2. [+28882 / -201] To those who are shitting on him, did you even donate 1 won?
↪ [+327 / -4] That's what I'm saying ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's always the ones who don't even donate 1,000 won that create a fuss 
↪ [+360 / -4] Even people who donated one billion won doesn't have the right to criticize~ The important thing is the idea of 'sharing' what is yours~

3. [+21034 / -157] The important thing is having the heart to donate, is one million won a small amount? Did they even donate 10,000 won

4. [+19567 / -146] Since when has one million won been considered a small amount? He made a donation with good intentions but people are shitting on him saying that he donated a small amount considering what he has... People are not going to do what they were planning on doing, what's wrong with talking a bit about donating - I believe things like this can become a good influence

5. [+13338 / -140] Why don't all the people who left a hate comment donate one million won each, how about that
↪ [+324 / -4] Go pick a fight after you made a donation

6. [+4241 / -40] Si Eon, you're doing great~ The amount you donate is up to you. I'm praising you. Don't be sad.

Original Source (Herald POP via Naver): "Thank you for joining us"...Flood of support + comfort from Yoo Se Yoon during Lee Si Eon's controversy of donating 1 million won

1. [+27276 / -459] Cool Si Eon-nim, I'm supporting you. Is the amount you donate important? Your pretty heart is heartwarming, hwaiting 👍

2. [+15637 / -202] The fact that you donated makes you a cool person. Leave hate comments after you donated a bit more than 10,000 won, what's more important is the intention
↪ [+165 / -2] You shouldn't leave hate comments even if you donated~ People don't have that right

3. [+14277 / -189] People are really mean, did y'all even donate 10,000 won?

4. [+7959 / -120] Can't you just happily look at the person's intent to donate and not focus on the amount they donated? Why are people creating a fuss

5. [+4315 / -114] You're cool 

6. [+2154 / -36] Aren't we able to see a good effect instead? After seeing people donate a smaller amount, people will think, 'I can donate around one million won too' and it will be better if it causes more people to donate smaller amounts

Original Source (No Cut News via Naver): Lee Si Eon receives hate comments after making a donation to help fight against COVID-19

1. [+6931 / -132] Is one million won not money? There are people who don't donate, gosh

2. [+3590 / -48] Lee Si Eon, don't worry about the hate comments. It's valuable money ^^

3. [+3131 / -31] One million won is a lot of money too. Anyway, I bet people who didn't even donate a cent are the ones who are leaving hate comments

4. [+1960 / -17] There are too many people who don't understand appreciation/gratitude. To the ones who are shitting on him, did y'all make the donation?

5. [+1100 / -30] To the people who are saying that the amount he donated is small! Y'all~ Don't say shit to others!! 

Are some people seriously hating on him for the amount he donated??
It's the heart/intention that matters and not the amount!!!
Some people are crazy....