Sunday, February 23, 2020

Legendary ballad group SeeYa reunites on 'Sugar Man 3'


Nationwide ratings for episode 12 that aired on February 21: 4.3% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+2632 / -63] If you debut again, I'll be your fan. It was so good.

2. [+2303 / -39] Seriously, I remember seeing their final performance on Inkigayo live and remember feeling really sad and I was also choked up... Please get back together again~ There aren't a lot of singers like this now-a-days ㅠ If you watch music shows, they are all idols except for 2 to 3 groups ㅠ

3. [+2414 / -252] But Jukjae's arrangement was a bit of a no

4. [+1685 / -201] Is Jukjae crazy, he ruined SeeYa's song ㄷㄷ 

5. [+1105 / -8] Seriously Kim Kwang Soo (t/n: the infamous Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media/MBK) screwed over a lot of good singers... Jo Sung Mo, SG Wannabe, SeeYa, Yangpa, and more... Forreal, Davichi being able to escape from the grasp of Kwang Soo and being successful up until now is a work of God
↪ [52 / -3] T-ara ㅠ 

6. [+1015 / -9] Lee Bo Ram said that she's thankful that Nam Gyu Ri is alive...Imagine how much hurt Nam Gyu Ri experienced during that period - during that time, the hate comments and what not were no joke...  If they didn't do anything bad, let's just cover up the pain. What good comes out of making a joke out of it?

7. [+891 / -12] The thing that's known is that Nam Gyu Ri was having issues with her contract and she left the group to become a full-time actress.. Seeing how she thought about even immigrating and seeing how Lee Bo Ram thanked her for being alive, I think Nam Gyu Ri's situation was much more severe than we thought it was... Although she was popular, she had just as many haters... 
↪ [+891 / -12] What are you saying, I remember at a young age that the two of them held a press conference and put the blame on Nam Gyu Ri... If I was her, I would have never seen them again, I think Nam Gyu Ri is cooler
↪ [+123 / -3] Nam Gyu Ri is a saint... If I was her, I wouldn't have seen them again. The two of them held a press conference while crying. I think she accidentally revealed that she was considering immigrating during a show, imagine how embarrassed and hard she must've felt... Of course she would be alive, why would she be dead. I hope Nam Gyu Ri does even better from now on.

8. [+851 / -6] Kwang Soo, please leave the entertainment industry. Please do not ruin the lives of young people because of your greed... 

9. [+675 / -6] Lee Bo Ram ㅜㅜ I think she thanked Nam Gyu Ri for being alive because she thought of Chae Dong Ha... Kwang Soo ruined many people (t/n: Chae Dong Ha was one of the original members of SG Wannabe but he left the group in 2007/2008 to focus on his solo activities. He passed away in 2011 because he committed suicide)  

1. [+1470 / -11] 'Love's Greeting' is really a masterpiece...

2. [+811 / -25] Nam Gyu Ri is hella pretty......

3. [+769 / -28] To all the people who said that Nam Gyu Ri can't sing, go stand in the corner 

4. [+503 / -12] No but ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is Nam Gyu Ri's beauty for real... She's so pretty

5. [+303 / -4] She looks just the same. She's good at singing, her visuals are good, I think they can promote again now~ Wow~  

the elementary school girl in me was crying when I saw articles of this episode and I cried even more when I actually watched the episode ㅠㅠ
I was such a huge fan of SeeYa and SG Wannabe when I was little ㅠㅠ
I still listen to SeeYa's '미친 사랑의 노래' and SG Wannabe's '살다가' on repeat!!
Damnnn I agree with some of the comments, I wish more ballad groups would promote again