Friday, February 7, 2020

[Article Translation] Through the power of VR, a mother reunites with her deceased child on MBC's documentary 'I Met You'

t/n: The VR human documentary ‘I Met You’ is a project where the team incarnates an individual that someone wants to meet the most from their memories and it can bring back warm memories again. 

The production team conducted interviews that targeted individuals who were keeping onto that deep longingness. During the interview process, the production team with Jang Ji Sung who lost her daughter Na Yeon. In 2016, Jang Ji Sung sent off her seven-year-old daughter Na Yeon to heaven. 

Jang Ji Sung said that if she was able to see Na Yeon again, she would cook her miyeokguk and wants to tell her that she loves her. Right now, her other daughters are young and resemble Na Yeon so she can easily remember her. But as time passes and her memories diminish, she’s scared that she will forget about Na Yeon.  

In order for Na Yeon and her mother to meet, the project worked with the country’s top VR designer. For the past eight months, they analyzed videos that showed Na Yeon when she alive and analyzed her actions, voice, and the way she talks. Through the techniques of motion caption, they made it feel real and the meeting between Na Yeon and her mother came to life.  

Jang Ji Sung was full of nervousness when she came to meet up with the MBC production team. After putting on the equipment, she brought up her longingness and she said, “Where are you, I want to touch you” as she was looking for the VR-incarnated Na Yeon. While seeing this occur, the other family members and the production team shouldn’t stop their tears. The mother’s shaky hand movements was filled with love and longingness.

Na Yeon and her mother, who dreamed about meeting, had a birthday party together. Na Yeon said, “I wish mom didn’t cry” as she made her wish and Jang Ji Sung promised, “Mom will love you more rather than yearn for you.” It was a short meeting but Jang Ji Sung was able to change her last memories with Na Yeon to a happy one.

1. [+3152 / -11] In order for the child’s parents to not get hurt by the huge attention they’re receiving, be careful about giving out awkward comfort and refrain from saying things like, “Because of you, I hugged my child” since words like that can also be hurtful.
↪ [+95 / -0] I agree with this idea.
↪ [+336 / -0] That's right.. If you look at the YouTube comments, there are comments saying things like they enjoyed watching the video and that they're glad to have their child, they (the parent) was crying so their child hugged them from the back, there's comments that people left without thinking it through.. ㅜ Of course, they must have not had bad intentions but from Na Yeon's mother's perspective, she'll feel the emptiness of Na Yeon's existence and I think it'll be sadder.

2. [+1241 / -12] Just reading the article is sad - it's virtual reality but who knew state-of-the-art technology could comfort a person, it's somewhat really moving

3. [+943 / -4] I watched this by chance on YouTube at dawn and my eyes were so swollen in the morning because I cried so much, the grief of losing your child, how can you even describe that....

4. [+922 / -9] I was a bit sad that she wasn't able to have a chat with the child in VR and only ask questions that were already set but I hope that even through this, the mother's heart was a bit healed...

5. [+407 / -2] If it remained as good memories and a good time then I think that's the most important

I was watching clips of this on my way to work and I started crying