Wednesday, February 5, 2020

[Article Translation] Actor Lee Shin Young's agency denies bullying rumors, some commenters have a hard time believing the denial

NOTE: On February 4th, an official from Lee Shin Young's agency Forest Entertainment said to TV Report, "The claims about Lee Shin Young and school violence is untrue." The claims arose when a post went viral on an online community. The original post was titled: "Proof that one of the actors in 'Crash Landing on You' is an iljin." (t/n: the post is no longer available so the info regarding the post and screenshot I'm getting is from Hankyung)

In the original post, the OP wrote: "There's an iljin amongst one of the actors in 'Crash Landing on You'. I went to the same middle school as him but I'll only list the things I've witnessed as fact.

1. In Year 1 during break time, he assaulted a classmate because he was staring at him (he kicked the classmate, who was sitting down, three times). His iljin friends gathered and they verbally assaulted the classmate.

2. His friends (iljins) gathered in the bathroom and they forced the student to TW: [masturbate] and they laughed while they watched

3. He and his friends, who were classmates, gathered and the three of them bullied the student in the classroom

There probably isn't a kid from our area that doesn't know his name. He changed his name since high school and he was able to rise to the position he is now. 

The OP proved that he went to the same school as Lee Shin Young by posting graduation photos. On the original post, some commenters said that they also went to the same school and commented, "It's true, he was an iljin." Also comments on the post included, "If he really was a perpetrator of school violence, he needs to quit the leading role he has planned for after 'Crash Landing on You'", "How is graduation photos considered proof?", "If you write the wrong things, you'll automatically be sued for defamation but there's no reason to lie in such details."

You can read the agency's full statement and the apologies of the OPs here.

1. [+3564 / -180] I can understand him hitting them, him smoking and being a delinquent - you can pass it off as him being immature and not knowing any better, but forcing someone to TW: masturbate, I can't..... The picture of that can't leave my mind. Is that for real? I'm all upset [about it].
↪ [+305 / -2] It's more of a disadvantageous battle for the victim. If this was true, the agency and Lee Shin Young's acquintances would be putting more pressure and if we don't support the victim then it's a situation where it's inevitable for them to lose. The victim needs to testify by themself but to collect evidence back then when they were getting bullied, it's easier said than done... It's not like they were looking forward to the future either.
↪ [+274 / -0] You can understand him physically assaulting him? School violence is a deed that is not understandable. For example, Young B also was a bully but no one was understanding and they're shitting on him so much
↪ [+201 / -0] How can you be understanding of him physically assaulting someone? 
2. [+1750 / -22] The person who throws the punch doesn't remember - the victims' testimony is so vivid

3. [+922 / -28] We're waiting for you to release your position to clarify the situation with facts only. You'll know better than anyone that nothing good comes out of trying to idly wait for the thing to blow over. 

4. [+743 / -12] You're asking who hasn't behaved like that during their school years? There are more people who didn't bully others and lived faithfully, don't try to generalize it. Some of you are asking why they are trying to hold someone back because of things like this? Are you asking if people who were involved in school violence shouldn't even dream about becoming a celebrity? Yes. Someone who has bullied others in the past and hurt others doesn't have the right [to dream of becoming a celebrity]. Being a celebrity is a job where you live and work off of the attention and love of many people. Furthermore, you can't easily forget the scars that you received during those times. Don't treat other people's wounds lightly. 

5. [+626 / -5] TW: He forced them [the victim] to masturbate in front of others and watched until they ejaculated and laughed. There's school violence but isn't this totally sexual abuse??? All the school kids are writing it in their own handwriting and proving it with their yearbook ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is he going to do?

Original Source (OSEN via Naver): [Exclusive] Netizens who claimed that Lee Shin Young participated in school violence, goes back on their claims + apologizes, "My memories were distorted...I'm sorry and I regret it"

t/n: You can read the agency's full statement and the apologies of the OPs here.

1. [+3154 / -179] I smell a settlement
↪ [+301 / -31] When the agency released a statement that he wasn't involved in school violence, y'all said to give evidence but now that the netizen apologized and took back their claims, you're suspicious that they received a settlement... Isn't it just lodged in your head that Lee Shin Young is a school violence perpetrator??

2. [+1634 / -33] A person who was born in 1998 has distorted memories about middle school? Do they have dementia?

3. [+1212 / -58] He didn't take part in it (the bullying/school violence) but he wrote a statement like a loach, saying that's he's sorry but how is it that the kids who made posts apologize saying that their memories were distorted and they changed their claims this fast and they even confirm it earnestly saying that it's not true? And the agency released their statement after the netizens who made the school violence claims took back their words... It's in the correct order, the time line is insane

4. [+781 / -42] Did he and his agency bring it to an end?

5. [+551 / -43] Wow money is the best 

6. [+217 / -6] No but if it was false information, they'd know that they'd be sued but they all proved it with their graduation photos and claimed that they were victims but suddenly their memories were distorted? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's quite... strange

7. [+181 / -18] They 100% came to a settlement~!