Thursday, January 31, 2019

[Post-Drama Interview] Kim Bo Ra reveals her opinion on Hye Na and Woo Joo's relationship

'SKY Castle' was a drama that especially had a lot of scene of people of the same age group. When Kim Bo Ra looked back at the filming process, the actress said, "At first, Kim Hye Yoon and I spoke formally/used honorifics. But because the character I fight with as soon as we meet eyes is Ye Seo, we naturally grew close to each other. We grabbed a meal together in private but Hye Yoon approached me first and asked if she can speak informally. Since we don't have a big age difference, I think we grew closer. Going to the filming set was pleasant like I was going to school." The actress continued and said, "Chan Hee who plays Woo Joo is quiet in real life too, he's the type of person who accepts my jokes well. Because that reaction was cute, I joked around a lot. When we filmed the kiss scene for Hye Na and Woo Joo, after than feeling awkward, I felt more sorry. Because I was in a state where I was immersed in the Hye Na character, I was really taking advantage of Woo Joo's feelings and that scene was doing that. I apologized to Chan Hee in real life. Even while filming, I think I was thinking, 'I shouldn't be doing this but I'm doing it because of Ye Seo, sorry.'"

When asked if she thinks Hye Na really liked Woo Joo in the drama, Kim Bo Ra said, "I think he was a friend and also an opposite sex relationship. But rather than liking him as an opposite sex, I don't think she was able to approach it because the thing she had to resolve was a bigger priority. Because Hye Na is a smart child, she would've been aware of who's on her side and who loves her. But I feel like she approached him like that to provoke Ye Seo."

1. [+881, -21] Hye Na, who was so charming, when she threw a cold smile at the adults...

2. [+517, -67] I feel like she didn't like Woo Joo, because her biggest goal was revenge

3. [+354, -11] When she said her lines to Yum Jung Ah after telling Ye Seo that Kang Joon Sang is her dad, her hooking power (like being able to suck you in) was no joke...

4. [+251, -5] She understand her character in the drama well, is this the eagerness of Hye Na's character? I think she did well at pushing the desperate feeling into a tragedy - hwaiting!!

5. [+56, -0] She liked him but she had no freedom to like him...