Monday, April 1, 2019

SBS confirms that 'My Ugly Duckling' will now have three parts, the show's duration will remain the same

t/n: The show was broken into two parts but it'll now be broken into three parts yet the show duration will remain the same. People are mad because this means it'll just be more ads. 

1. [+1310, -40] Isn't SBS seriously insane!!!!!! Right now, they're splitting one episode into two episodes but now they're saying they're going to make it into three episodes!!!!!!!! Even if they're crazy, they're properly crazy!! Are you underestimating the viewers!!! In your guys' eyes, you just see the viewers as idiots, huh!!! Stop always saying that you're making things in the viewer's perspective and really think about what shows viewers really want!!!!! Even for variety shows, if it isn't a travel show then all they can make is an observation show, just quit!!!! Incompetent and pathetic SBS!!!! Drop SBS!!!!! Do you see viewers as hella freaking losers!!!!!  

2. [+959, -15] While watching, it's annoying to watch advertisements just once but they're going to do it once more.. SBS these days acquired an unhealthy taste for money. I haven't watch 'My Ugly Duckling' these days but I'm planning on not watching it from now on. 

3. [+424, -26] If they still get ratings after airing three parts then it means you're confirming that your a dog-pig, shout out "I'm a dog-pig" (t/n: dog-pig/개돼지 is a term used in the film 'Inside Men' where corrupted politicians called the public 'dog-pig' meaning they're lower than dogs and pigs, that they think low of them)

4. [+250, -7] Private company SBS is a broadcast company that went nuts over money - they shouldn't have given them the permission from the beginning. They made it because they said they're going to extend channels and they're the first broadcast company to introduce the ads in the middle amongst public channels and SBS, during their establishment, they took away popular comedians from the other broadcast company and later on they took away popular radio hosts too... 

5. [+147, -5] Earn a lot of money~~ (t/n: They're saying it in a sarcastic tone)