Tuesday, April 23, 2019

[Article Translation] Police officer helps a struggling job seeker and a month later, the job seeker repays the officer's kindness

Last month, A (28 years old) was reported by a convenience store for stealing rice balls. After checking CCTV footage, it was revealed that A also stole a piece of cake from that convenience store 5 days ago. At the time, A was preparing for job interviews and said, "Because of hardships in life, I wasn't able to eat a proper meal for the past few days. I was hungry so I went into a convenience store and ended up stealing". The amount of the piece of cake and rice ball A stole was only 4,500 won (roughly $4). 

Officer Lee Seung Dong (37) gave A 20,000 won (roughly $17) after hearing A's story and said, "I'm lending this to you to tell you to live honestly". A month later, A visited the police station. During that time, he found a job and earned his first paycheck. He came to the station to pay back Officer Lee and brought drinks as well. 

Officer Lee was out of the station due to work and told A on the phone, "I'll only accept your heart" and sent A back. A returned home and posted on the Ilsan Seobu Police Station a post expressing his gratitude to Officer Lee. In his post, A wrote, "I couldn't eat a single proper meal for over a week, I then committed an embarrassing, bad crime. The detective in charge of the case made me feel deep remorse when he said said, "No matter how hard it is, you shouldn't commit a crime." After the interrogation ended, he lent me (who didn't have any earnings) 20,000 won and told me to live honestly. I worked hard for a month to repay that money."

1. [+10881, -46] The person stealing definitely bad but I understand the situation and I'm also thankful the convenience store handled it appropriately and the police officer also did a good deed. It's an article that warms my heart...

2. [+4766, -1038] I'm surprised that there are job seekers who can't eat a proper meal... President Moon Jae In needs to read this article. 

3. [+3694, -24] There are people who spend millions of won because it's a birthday party, imagine how hungry he was to eat a meal. I'm tearing up. Young man, stay strong and I hope you live diligently from now on. That police officer is also quite a grateful person. People like him are definitely qualified to be an officer. Dog police, learn from this.

4. [+2952, -14] There are police officers like this but.. there are also officers like those bastards who colluded in the Burning Sun case...

5. [+1028, -14] Office Lee, thank you. A also strengthened his mind and I hope he lives diligently

6. [+558, -1] The convenience store owner who properly dealt with the situation, the police officer who was compassionate, the job seeker who repaid the kindness... All of your hearts are becoming warm, everyone stay strong!!