Monday, April 22, 2019

Some people don't find the Wall Street Journal's video on the Samsung Galaxy Fold funny

t/n: Basically Samsung sent out some of their Galaxy Fold models to people in the tech industry and then after these reviewers tested the phone out, they started reporting issues after they revealed that they peeled off what they assumed was just a screen protector. That part was actually there to protect the folding part of the phone and if users remove it, the phone's screen malfunctions. But the issue is that Samsung never informed people about that. 

The Wall Street Journal released a non-review video of the phone and WSJ's Joanna Stern said, "If you really want to fold something right now, fold this..." and then she shows people folding origami, clothes, chairs and hot dogs. She then said not to buy the Galaxy Fold and not to fold the phone. She added, "If you really want to peel something, peel this..." and then peels a banana, a mandarin, and a sticky note. She then said not to peel the screen on the Galaxy Fold. 

A lot of people didn't find the video (YouTube - Wall Street Journal) funny. 

1. [+1647, -79] She's bullshitting. She's bullshitting upfront over an adhesive protective layer that was set by UV light 

2. [+1062, -38] America's competitiveness is huge... If it was an Apple product then everyone would've made a fuss... Even if they're like this, we should work hard to survive...

3. [+770, -24] Seeing how she talked so much shit about it, she must've felt threatened - I think it'll be daebak

4. [+305, -19] It feels like she ate Huawei's money 

5. [+94, -2] I don't like Samsung but seeing how we're being mocked by the trash journalists from that country, it feels like we're suffering from a country that's weak in national power - I fee bad for Samsung, I hope they recover through technological skills 

1. [+3057, -112] But still I support Samsung Electronics. It's better to produce something that no one else in the world was able to and then be criticized than not make it and only criticize. 

2. [+842, -15] This is why you shouldn't give it away for free...

3. [+803, -25] Samsung-ah, why did you give it away for free to a journalist like that?! Seriously they're people who go against the user's manual guide and it's the same as them taking out an engine from a Ford car and saying the car isn't working~ If an issue occurred because of the proposed user's manual guide then they should've brought it up, seriously do they think it's that easy to capture the durability! Anyways, there's a lot of losers in the world.

4. [+471, -15] That bitch is just crazy, she intentionally dissed the product

5. [+329, -19] Big shout out to Samsung for developing such technologically advanced model. Haters going to hate no matter what. Keep doing your thing and the world will recognize the great work done by the corporation. Hope Samsung excels in the smart phone industry. (t/n: this comment was in English)