Saturday, April 13, 2019

[I Live Alone Roundup] Lee Si Eon preps for his fanmeeting in Japan + JANNABI's Choi Jung Hoon shows off his retro lifestyle

Nationwide ratings for the episode that aired on April 12: 11.2% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+1125, -131] People hella shitted on their personalities week after week and it became totally boring because they're now being super cautious ㅠㅠㅠㅜ It's as if I'm watching 'Infinite Challenge'... If you're going to do this, just watch EBS.... (t/n: EBS is like an educational channel, something like PBS in the states)

2. [+597, -61] Si Eon, prosper

3. [+519, -42] JANNABI's Choi Jung Hoon gave off 'I Live Alone' early day vibes so I liked it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm also looking more forward to next week's episode of Uhljang's fanmeeting part 

4. [+205, -45] I really like JANNABI ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope they prosper more! 

5. [+121, -14] It's fun watching 'I Live Alone'~~~~~ ❤️ 

1. [+1274, -54] He's charming ㅋㅋㅋ It felt like the early days of 'I Live Alone' and I liked it. He said he's living in their music studio to work on their music but I think it would be good for his health for him to move above ground... Anyways, hwaiting (t/n: their music studio is underground/in the basement)

2. [+998, -16] But seriously there's a convenience that smart phones give us but it is a waste for us to waste our time on it. 

3. [+846, -30] Why do people keep talking about money... He didn't say he was living like this because he didn't have money, he's living in the music studio and using a 2G phone to devote himself into making music;

4. [+433, -43] Him saying he likes cold showers doesn't mean he's living in the basement because he really doesn't have money - I feel like he's living there because it's an artistic action he can do to gain inspiration while making music. So that's not pain and he's enjoying it a bit.. In real life for people who really don't have money, they can't use hot water because they're gas is turned off and when they shower in cold water, they feel hopelessness and pain while dwelling on life. In a word, a child from a good household is experiencing the life of an ordinary person  

5. [+309, -89] My heart hurt when he showered in cold water. I hope he gets to move into a house with a bathroom. I'm supporting you.
↪ [+142, -2] This person is rich from the beginning...... He's not living like that because he's poor, he said he's living like this to focus on his music 

Original Source (news1 via Naver): 'I Live Alone' Henry to Kian84, "I'll look forward to a disciplined life"

1. [+1509, -25] Throughout his appearance on the show, Henry played the role where he encouraged and supported people but I think he sensed the severity after watching fashion week ㅋㅋㅋ But still, Henry is really nice and warm-hearted

2. [+2409, -1004] Kian~~ There are a lot of people who like you ^^ Hwaiting
↪ [+247, -89] There are more people who are uncomfortable with him than people who like him.. Stop coddling him~ It's certain that he's a nuisance.. It's not a hwaiting situation, you need to honestly tell him that he needs to take care of himself and think before he speaks and behaves~ 
↪ [+175, -29] Kian's controversies are always this pattern. He gets shitted on down to the bone. After a week passes, he shows on TV a form of himself being a bit scared. And then people who are Kian's fans leave comments that says "there, there". It's always like this, always. Are you not tired of it? Are you raising some baby?   

3. [+1227, -578] Kian84! Don't be intimidated and hwaiting! I'll support you

4. [+718, -165] It might be because he's really intimidated/scared so he's not speaking

5. [+674, -135] I like everything but stop saying Kian is innocent and what not!! What do you mean a man in his mid-thirties is innocent~~!! Stop overreacting~~   

their music is really good~