Monday, April 29, 2019

Manager Lim Song resigns from SM C&C, Park Sung Kwang quits 'Omniscient Interfering View'

1. [+3092, -39] She's really good-hearted and seemed like a character who didn't want to inconvenience others... I saw a lot of horrible comments because her mother and grandmother came out [on the show], the production team must've sweet-talked her onto bringing them on, do you think she volunteered to bring them on... People were leaving hate comments about her younger sister and her mom.. She's not a celebrity who's destined to endure that, I feel like psychologically, it must've been really hard on her 

2. [+2400, -41] What do you mean, why? It's because of hate commenters who tap away without thinking on their keyboards 

3. [+1730, -25] I felt a lot of things after seeing manager Lim Song - you're really sincere and because you're an amazing person, it wasn't just once or twice when I was moved by you - don't worry, I'll always support you! Power

4. [+1366, -15] Because you have a strong sense of responsibility, you'll do well in whatever you do. 

5. [+479, -105] There were a lot of hate comments that went overboard but they should've properly said goodbye on the show - can't believe the episode that aired on the 27th was their last episode 

6. [+437, -2] It must be really burdensome if the entire nation knew about my resignation