Wednesday, April 10, 2019

[Interview Translation] Actor Byun Yo Han reveals that he doesn't want to lose touch with the earnestness he had when he first began acting

When asked what he's been doing lately, he revealed, "I'm currently preparing for my next project. When I reflect on my last work, I'm still facing acting as if I'm studying. Rather than trying to maintain my initial determination, I'm trying to not forget the feeling I had when I first started acting. The word original intent has a lot of meaning to me."

Byun Yo Han also revealed his daily life with his pets, "When I open my eyes in the morning and I fall asleep, I'm investing all my time in raising my dog. If I'm a little bit sick or seem like I'm having a hard time, my dog makes me smile."

When asked about the judgment that he's an actor that doesn't cling onto awards or popularity, he said, "I didn't start acting to cling onto popularity. My biggest hopes is for the projects I'm a part of do well and I'm the happiest when I focus on what I'm supposed to do."

1. [+540, -7] Should I say that he's handsome in a way that there's a vibe/mood to it. He really looks like he has a vibe/mood. Although his double eyelids are deep, it doesn't look greasy and when he smiles, it's hard to resist, so it's cute but it seems like there's somewhat of a sadness in it but anyways, he's handsome ㅋㅋ He has Leslie Cheung vibes 

2. [+214, -0] He's perfect for a sad love story and it matches well with his image... It's time for him to meet his role of a lifetime (t/n: excuse me, he was perfect and v memorable as Kim Hee Sung but I agree, it's time for him to be the main character and not a second lead)

3. [+133, -0] When are you going to do a drama? I don't have a TV so I can't watch live but I can try subscribing. Whatever it is, please do it quickly. Historical dramas are good and modern dramas are good too. Please just come out.

4. [+81, -0] It's to the point where his handsome looks are buried by his acting skills~~ Please continue to be earnest~

5. [+70, -3] He really looks like Leslie Cheung