Thursday, April 25, 2019

[TW: Sexual Assault] MBC's 'Real Event Explorers' reveals the face of infamous sex offender Jo Doo Soon

NOTE (Graphic): In December 2008, Jo Doo Soon/Cho Doo Soon (56) gagged the 8 year old victim with his hands and then carried her to a public toilet in the building. He bashed and choked her until she fell unconscious. He then sexually assaulted her, causing horrific internal injuries. About 30 minutes later, he left the unconscious victim at the scene and went home.

Danwon police arrested Cho two days later after their investigation found his fingerprints in the toilet and bloodstains on his clothes and shoes. Despite prosecutors' demand for life imprisonment, the final court ruling dismissed the unrepentant Cho's appeal and sentenced him to 12 years in prison. The sentence's leniency enraged the public.

Authorities have withheld the victim's name to protect her and her parents. In January 2010, the girl had successful surgery to repair her colon and reproductive system, according to the nation's online encyclopedia. But her mental trauma has reportedly worsened. She fears that after becoming a doctor ― which she dreams of ― she might again encounter Cho. (cr. Korea Herald)

On April 24, MBC's 'Real Event Explorers' (실화탐사대) revealed the face of this infamous criminal. 

1. [+15841, -66] Even if someone kills Jo Doo Soon, let's allow them to be innocent.

2. [+8920, -55] I'm against him being released... Using the citizens' taxes and assigning guards to him, I'm curious about why they're releasing him.

3. [+4542, -11] Is there another country in the planet where a person sexually assaults an 8 year old, is released after 10 years, and gets to live normally? This is going over a sense of shame :

4. [+2968, -40] Know that it was a happy time for you when you were in there (prison). Even if you die in someone's hands, you're going to die first

5. [+1808, -33] We have to make sure that the devil Jo Doo Soon never steps a foot in society.   

1. [+10432, -56] I think we need to definitely castrate sex offenders from now 

2. [+5707, -49] Is there no righteous person who'll be willing to kill this bastard.. 

3. [+3323, -22] What if he commits a crime again after his release? They're going to say human rights this and human rights that again 

4. [+2771, -36] Don't kill schizophrenics who were falsely accused and kill bastards like this

5. [+2449, -20] A sex offender, who's less than a bug, needs to at least be sentenced over 50 years..!!! 

6. [+930, -3] Jo Doo Soon doesn't currently look like this...... All this teeth fell out and this seems like a picture from when he was younger, his current face is completely different. You need to release a current picture....         

prison was probably the safest place for you, you disgusting bastard