Monday, April 15, 2019

Fire breaks out at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris

1. [+3044, -35] They must be feeling what we felt when our Namdaemun/Sungnyemun Gate was on fire, right? What a shame ㅠㅠ (t/n: In 2008, the Namdaemun/Sungnyemun Gate caught on fire which ended up completely destroying the 550 year old structure. Initially, people thought it was an accident but the fire was caused by an arsonist. Korea was able to restore it and it re-opened in 2013. You can watch news coverage here - YouTube)

2. [+725, -29] When I was young, I cried so much when I saw on TV the Naksansa, that I went to play at with my friends on the weekends, being destroyed by fire, I understand what they're going through. It's sad like when you lose a family member. And when Namdaemun caught on fire, it was sad and shocking.

3. [+353, -26] Notre-Dame cathedral, the symbol of catholicism, is burning - it's sad 

4. [+672, -329] It's the symbol of France, it's quite sad. But still, seeing how the French people aren't saying it's Macron's disaster, they're completely different from our people       

5. [+324, -14] ㅠ it's sad - the cathedral, that precious treasure ㅠ