Wednesday, April 10, 2019

tvN under fire for overworking staff members on 'My Mister' and upcoming drama 'Arthdal Chronicles'

t/n: tvN is currently under fire after their staff that's working on 'Arthdal Chronicles' revealed that they are suffering from long hours of work and poor working conditions. The 'Arthdal Chronicles' staff members revealed that they worked 25 hours one day and when they filmed overseas in Brunei, the longest they worked was 151 hours for seven days continuously and they didn't have a 30 minute break. 

OSEN also reported that 'My Mister' had a similar issue on their filming set. The staff members of 'My Mister' worked over 100 hours a week. Hanbit Center revealed that the staff members of 'My Mister' would come to set at 6 AM and would film until 4 AM the next day (t/n: Hanbit Center was created in honor of the late PD Lee Hanbit, who committed suicide after reporting on poor working conditions of broadcasting networks).

1. [+1062, -37] Everyone is doing that so that they can all eat and live but just for you director, you're neglecting the people under you? You're going to receive the wrath of God. 

2. [+1021, -9] People always say that it's hard for the celebrities and yeah it must be hard but I feel like it would be alright because in return, they earn a lot of money but I'm more sorry for the staff members, they do so much work but they get paid a little 

3. [+1016, -45] 'My Mister' was shitted on at first but it earned a daesang for being a healing drama but the working conditions for the staff members was hell. We shouldn't consume dramas that were filmed in poor conditions but this isn't easy ㅜ because if it's fun, we end up watching it

4. [+686, -7] Isn't it a pre-produced drama?? Space out the filming a bit... Let's live while protecting things that should be protected... Please.

5. [+333, -5] Director Kim Won Seok re-films a scene that was filmed and then films it once more, films it a second time, films it as a one shot, films it as a two shot, films it as a full shot and continues to film..... Sigh 

6. [+100, -4] Looking at Nam Joo Hyuk's interview... The PD for 'The Light in Your Eyes' starts at 9 AM and ends it at 6 PM.. And they barely do retakes.. He said that the filming set was the best.. Do at least half of what Kim Seok Yoon PD does.. 

7. [+95, -1] Working 40 hours a week is hard but 100 hours a week? And after you do this, the actors and the director takes all of the money?