Saturday, October 13, 2018

[Article Translation] The last deed of a 19-year-old young man Kim Sun Woong

During the dawn of early Fall, where the wind began to get pretty cold as it grazed against the tip of the nose - a life that's as precious as a flower has fallen down. Kim Sun Woong (19) died from an accident after helping an elderly person in a difficult situation. 

Kim Sun Woong dreamt of being a chef and after entering Cheju Halla University this year as a hotel cuisine/cooking major, he decided to do a night part-time job to lessen his father's burden. Sun Woong's long days would come to an end at 3AM. 

The day Sun Woong was involved in the accident was on the 3rd, which was quite a chilly day. On this day as well, he ended his work at around 3AM and was heading back home. Then he saw a grandma who needed help. It looks like the wagon wheel the grandma was pulling fell in between a crack in the road, the wagon wheel didn't seem like it was moving at all. Sun Woong began taking the wagon wheel out and then he pushed the wagon wheel himself and helped the grandma. 

After, while he was crossing the crosswalk with the grandma, he was hit by a car that didn't notice him. Because of a car accident that happened in an instant, the silence of the dawn has remained in bits and pieces. Although he was taken straight to a close hospital in the Jeju city, he was declared brain dead. It's said that his head was damaged severely. 

While his family was grieving because of the sad news, they spoke of a difficult decision. We'll donate his organs. 

Sun Woong's family has already experienced a similar pain. When Sun Woong was around 6 years old, his mother slipped in their house's bathroom and suffered a concussion. For three years his mother lived in a vegetative state, she passed away in 2007.

So Sun Woong's family decided to have Sun Woong remain in life as a different form. As a way to tribute him and his last moment, they decided to donate his organs. After gifting a precious new life to seven people, Kim Sun Woong became a star in the sky on the 9th. 

Sun Woong became another person's heart and will be welcomed by the first snow of this winter. Next year as well, after becoming another person's eyes, he'll see the yellow Forsythias bloom. We hope that he'll grow by our side forever and become a little echo. 

May Kim Sun Woong rest in peace. 

Original Source (Kookmin Ilbo via Naver): The last thing a 20-year-old young man did before he died

1. [+2251, -20] God and Buddha is too cruel. Always live happily with your mother in heaven. 

2. [+1049, -7] I saw an angel.

3. [+836, -7] It's so heart-aching - there's so many bad people in this world, do these things happen because there's better things in the after life? I pray that after the suffering, it's the beginning of happiness

4. [+558, -6] A really cool young man, his heart is warm - I hope a Korea where many good people live will be made 

5. [+288, -7] This is crazy, from the start of the morning.. ㅠ 

6. [+128, -1] The way he looks exhausted from the back hurts my heart so much.. He lost his mother at a young age too.. Life is really too pitiful and sad.. To the angel who lived his life with a pretty heart.. I hope that you go to a better place..