Sunday, October 7, 2018

[from ddoboja - 9月] ddoboja Goes to Korea! πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Helloooo readers! :・゚
It feels like it's been a really long time since I've done a [from ddoboja] post γ… γ… 
But for those of y'all who are new to this blog...
Every month I try to upload a [from ddoboja] post where I post things like what I watched, listened to, and did throughout the month.
So let's get started with my September recap!
For those of y'all who didn't know, I went to Korea for a few days during the month of September! :・゚
These are a few of my favorite pictures from my time in Korea~
I hope you enjoy my brief(?) LOL recap! :・゚

On our first day in Korea, my family and I went to Jeju Island for 1 night and 2 days!

This was the sunrise at Gimpo Airport at around 5:45 AM
Look at how beautiful the flag looks with the clouds γ… γ… 

The flight to Jeju Island experienced a lot of turbulence so it wasn't fun but the clouds looked so pretty γ… γ… 

Our first meal on the island was 해물라면 (haemool ramyeon, seafood ramyeon) and it was sooooo yummy!!
As you can see, the ramen came with so much seafood (which tasted super fresh) and the noodles were cooked perfectly (I'm really picky about my noodle's texture LOL)
I want to eat it again γ… γ… 

After our meal we went to the OSULLOC Tea Museum~
If you're a fan of 'I Live Alone' then you might recognize this place! The members visited this green tea field during their 200th episode special!

When you head inside the museum, they have an exhibition and shop area.
In the shop area, they sell tea and they have a cafe.
My family got a couple of green tea drinks and cake rolls and I decided on getting the green tea ice cream!
I looooooveeeee anything that is green tea/matcha-flavored 
This was by far my favorite green tea ice cream that I have ever tried because the ice cream tasted entirely like green tea and not creamy which I reaaaally appreciated~
I don't know why but I hate when ice cream tastes super milky/creamy and lacks of the actual flavor that you picked. Like what's the point of eating vanilla ice cream if it only tastes like milk and there's only a hint of vanilla?

Before we headed back to Incheon, our last meal on the island was Japanese food from a restaurant called Nozomi.

The owner was so sweet and she was really interested in my accent and when we told her we came from the U.S., she shared with us that she also used to live in the U.S. for a while but ended up moving back to Korea!

Charcoal-grilled unagi~~~

Admiral Yi Sun Shin

King Sejong the Great

If you go further down the street then there's the Gyeongbokgung!

Oh my... it's me! LOL
Hehehe first time revealing myself on my blog~ 
This is a bit nerve-wracking and embarrassing LOL

After we toured the palace, we started walking towards an area called Samcheongdong and we went to chill at a cafe~
The cafe we went to is called Cafe Breezin
My cousins and I ordered dessert and drinks - I got the mint mojito (the drink in the middle) and to be honest, the food and drinks weren't very tasty LOL
The drinks were super syrupy and the waffle was just basically super hard to eat and tasted like a frozen one you could buy at a marketplace...
It was really mediocre...

I fell in love with the cafe's aesthetics γ… γ…  
This is the sign you're greeted with when you enter the cafe

*Maya Angelou LOL

The view from where we were sitting ♡
I swear... Korea is so green!
I love it so much γ… γ…  ♡

One of my cousins wanted to spend time with me before my last day so she took me to her favorite shopping mall so we can walk around, shop, and chat

The mall had a special event going on where they had a little craft fair and wow....
People are so talented! They crated hair accessories, jewelry, wallets, and more!
Right next to this little fair, two guys were busking by the red trees and I seriously got chills when we stepped out into this area... γ… γ… 

The guys who were busking were singing 'Compass' by Lee Juck which is one of my favorite song of all time γ… γ… 
The fact that they were performing my favorite song live during my first trip in Korea while I was surrounded by the people I love and the things I like was just really amazing γ… γ… 
The mood was just perfect... 

I mostly spent time on this trip with my family and relatives because I haven't seen many of my relatives and cousins in around 20 years γ… γ… 
On my last day, I spent the whole day with my grandparents and it was one of the most precious days in my life γ… γ… 
I think I cherish my time with them even more now because of the fact that they're a lot older now so I honestly don't know how much time I have left with them...

For those who don't know, one of my inspirations for starting this blog was my grandfather.
Every time we would end our monthly phone calls, we would always tell me not to forget how to speak Korean and not to forget the fact that I'm Korean even though my nationality is American.
The fact that I was able to communicate perfectly with my grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins is something I'm really grateful for because I feel like if I wasn't able to speak the amount of Korean I'm able to speak right now, then the trip probably wouldn't have been as enjoyable as it was.

Till next time, Korea.
You were an absolute delight.
From the weather, the people, the food, and the sunrises and sunsets.
I can't wait to come back  :・゚

Hehe that's all folks!
I hope you all had an amazing month and if it wasn't that great, keep your head up and try to stay positive - everything will work out.
And to my Indonesian readers, I hope you're all safe.
Once again
Thank you always for reading my blog and for writing me supportive comments
They really mean a lot
Well then... this is the end for today! 
우리 또 보자~ 
(t/n: let's meet again~; uri ddoboja~)