Monday, October 29, 2018

IU opens up about experiencing a career slump on 'Conversations with Hee Yeol'

Note: The show's title on streaming platforms like OnDemandKorea is 'Conversations with Hee Yeol' but the literal title of the show can be: 'The Joy/Pleasure of Conversations'.

In the episode, Yoo Hee Yeol asked her, "Have you experienced a slump?" And IU revealed that she did. IU said, "When I was 22, a big slump came. At that time, when the public sees it, it was an year when I did really well. It was when I did the remake album 'A Flower Bookmark' and it was when I received good reactions again after 'Good Day' but mentally, it was the year where it was the worst. Even now, I don't know the exact reason why [it was mentally the worst year] but since my debut performance, I've never been nervous of the stage but I was suddenly scared of the stage. Shows were scary, cameras were scary, and because I'm receiving attention, my face would get red and I would sweat so I wasn't able to perform on stage." Yoo Hee Yeol then added that she didn't come out on shows that year.  

On the topic of debuting at an early age, she revealed that she thinks debuting at an early age had its own benefits. "Because I started at a young age, I always heard, "You're really good for your age" but because you keep aging, I wondered if I will be able to hear the judgement that I'm doing well [without considering her age]?" But because things were working out, as it did well, she would become more anxious. She said that she felt like a bubble was becoming bigger. She was scared that once the bubble was gone, she would be really small. Panelist Daniel Lindemann wondered if it was right to consider that a bubble - he wanted her to stop considering it as a bubble. He reminded her that her fans received a lot of happiness from her songs so that isn't a bubble. 

Yoo Hee Yeol then asked her how she came out of her slump and she answered, "At that time, I decided, I needed to do the producing (produce her own music). Even if the bubbles all burst and I become small, I'd rather live comfortably even if it's shabby rather than living fabulously while I'm anxious."  

Author Kim Joong Hyuk said that rather than viewing it as her escaping the problem, we can view it as her encountering a wall - she sighed briefly as she saw the wall and took a break and took the bull by the horns/overcame it.  

1. [+1170, -167] I'm more scared that I won't be able to see IU ㅠㅠ Please promote for a long time ^^

2. [+725, -134] The way IU thinks is completely unique.. It feels like it's careful and she's like a kid-adult who thinks about even the small parts.. She seems like a person who'll become even bigger. ^^ I hope she continues to succeed~~

3. [+380, -51] Ji Eun-ie, always keep singing

4. [+285, -54] Wherever and whenever IU fighting!!    

5. [+200, -43] I'm going to watch it live God-IU