Thursday, October 18, 2018

Yang Ji Won denies rumors that she's in a relationship with Jo Jung Suk

NOTE: There's been rumors going around online that Jo Jung Suk and Yang Ji Won are in a relationship and that Jung Yoo Mi and Na PD are lovers. Everyone involved in the rumors have been denying it. 

During her interview with E Daily, Yang Ji Won said, "The rumors aren't true at all. The fiction-like content is absurd. Jo Jung Suk oppa and I filmed a drama together a few years ago so of course we're acquainted. There were times where we greeted each other once or twice a year in a group chat with many other people but for about the past five years, I have never met him privately or called or texted him. Jo Jung Suk oppa is already a married person and I, myself, is in a relationship with my boyfriend but I'm sad and upset that those rumors are going around."

1. [+12543, -61] This is too much for a newlywed couple. Jo Jung Suk is Jo Jung Suk (t/n: Saying he's going through his own experience with this) but I feel like Gummy must be really feeling bad.. They made her into a pushover who has no pride or anything ㅉㅉ

2. [+4371, -78] Seriously who makes groundless rumors like this 

3. [+3541, -54] The loss of the victims is too severe that you can't just ignore it... They need to severely punish [the people who spread it]..

4. [+1763, -45] She seriously tries harder than anyone else and is a good person who lives sincerely ㅜㅜ Of course the first person who spread the rumors needs to be punished but the people who also left hate comments needs to be punished too ㅡㅡ Yang Ji Won hwaiting ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 

5. [+1120, -133] Seeing how they're denying it this much must be that it's not true.. Anyways, the bastards who make up rumors ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↪ [+766, -9] You're also pathetic because you only believed [it was false] until they denied it this much 
↪ [+229, -3] You only believe it if they deny it this much?? Don't people usually not believe in rumors?     

6. [+422, -9] You're trying to cover up the articles that are reporting that 1,912 employees in the Seoul Metro are relatives/were hired through family connections? (t/n: You can read about that here - X, Korea Herald)