Friday, October 26, 2018

Hong Suk Chun opens up about his experience as a father

After his older sister got divorced, Hong Suk Chun adopted his niece and nephew so legally, they're his children. On the episode, Hong Suk Chun's sister said that one day after she got divorced, Hong Suk Chun called her and said, "Nuna, don't live too roughly (like don't suffer so much). Come up to Seoul." She added that Hong Suk Chun adopted the kids and told her let's raise the kids together. 

Hong Suk Chun talked about how close he and his sister are even though they always argued. When he was having a tough time, she was always the first one to come to him. So he told her, "Nuna, don't be sorry and lean on me. I'm ready for that and I have that capability." Hong Suk Chun revealed that he legally became his niece and nephew's guardian after the family laws changed. He wanted to do this because he didn't want his niece and nephew to become a burden or an issue if his sister was to set off on a new path. 

His daughter studied abroad in the U.S. and is currently cooking, his son is a high school senior in the U.S.. Hong Suk Chun revealed that he told his son, "Don't go to a good university and do what you want to do" and when his son told him that he wanted to become a film director, Hong Suk Chun jokingly told him, "Don't do that! I didn't send you to America for you to do that. You should become a doctor or get a PhD". 

His daughter, Hong Joo Eun, who's 23 years old, revealed her feelings for the first time on the show. Hong Joo Eun revealed that she wasn't initially in support of the adoption. "At first, I was against it. It's not because I was embarrassed of uncle but because when people around me asked about my relationship with my uncle, it was difficult to explain it. Explaining that my mom and dad was divorced was difficult." Joo Eun calls Hong Suk Chun her uncle and not dad. She revealed, "I received a lot of help and grew a lot of affection. I'm just thankful, really thankful. I've never said 'dad' before. It's a kind of word, I don't use so it's hard to say it all of a sudden." As Joo Eun cried, she said, "He's an uncle and dad that I really love." 

On this episode, Hong Suk Chun revealed why he sent his niece and nephew off to study in the U.S., "The reason I sent them off to the U.S. is because of the possibility of being bullied or teased by the people around them or their friends. I didn't go near the school during graduation, sports events, and what not. I wanted to take pictures with them but if I did then the friends around them will find out so I pretended like I was sleeping. I really wanted to go but I wasn't able to do those once."

1. [+6138, -41] Hong Suk Chun's heart is warm and he's a warm person... ㅎㅎ

2. [+3620, -35] Hong Suk Chun is a really good person

3. [+2580, -24] Hong Suk Chun.. so moving.. While reading the article, I'm all crying.. His heart must be really deep.. 

4. [+1920, -30] He's really amazing... While watching the show, I felt that he was a nice person but it mustn't have been easy to care for the children to that extent.. I'm supporting you, Hong Suk Chun~~~!!

5. [+908, -30] His heart is quite warm..