Friday, October 26, 2018

[Article Translation] A mother opens her eyes for one last time as her 5 year old son wishes her a happy birthday

On that day, the footsteps of a mother leaving her 5 year old son probably wouldn't have left. She left for a place where she'll never be able to come back from after receiving congratulations from her only son on her 36th birthday. It was the saddest yet happiest farewell in this world. 

Mr. A's wife who was fighting cancer for the past two years passed away on the 16th. And then a week later, the post he posted on an online community about his family's story has moved many people. We (the publication) have personally received consent from Mr. A and have put his story (here in this article). 

After reading this story, it's alright to leave with any type of emotions. Whether you threw harsh words you didn't mean to your family or feel sorry - that's alright. If you suddenly feel thankful to the precious people around you - then that's alright, too. We're delivering this family's story hoping it will ring deeply in someone's heart. 

In November 2016, we went to the hospital after my 34 year old wife said the side of her body was hurting. At the hospital, my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She hasn't even smoked cigarettes, to her the news was like a lie. Furthermore, the cancer has already began spreading to her brain, lymph nodes, spine, and liver. 

My wife couldn't leave our son and die. She decided to fight the cancer and win. She endured the painful chemotherapy and radiation therapy. But the cancer tormented my wife as a scary force. The anti-cancer drug no longer worked and there was no clinical treatment my wife could try.  

Mr. A tried everything by giving his wife healthy food, remedies, and more. But starting from this September, my wife's health condition took a sudden turn for the worse. From the hospital, Mr. A was told, "It's a situation where we can no longer do anything, let's move her into a hospice." 

Even in that situation, my wife struggled until the end saying "I won't die". But on the 3rd, she said words that were like a will to Mr. A and her mother-in-law, after that she was no longer able to talk properly. They continuously administered narcotic pain medication to control her pain. As the amount of pain killers increased, my wife's senses started fading. 

And on the 11th, my wife's reaction to the light in both eyes disappeared. As Mr. A saw his wife in pain as time went on, Mr. A's prayers changed. It was no longer, "save her" but "Please take her to the place where she no longer feels pain a day sooner." 

On the 15th, a day before his wife's birthday, Mr. A spoke into his wife's ears. "Okay. You already endured this much, receive birthday celebrations from the son you love tomorrow and go." On the 15th, the day of his wife's birthday, Mr. A didn't send his son to the daycare center but prepared a slice of cake and went to the patient's room his wife was in. And then they lit the candle and his son and the other family members sang the birthday song. His son sang, "Happy birthday to the mom I love" and kissed his mom on her cheek.

Mr. A grabbed his wife's hand and whispered, "You're happy now, right? Stop hurting and let's now go to a comfortable place." And then, something like a miracle occurred. For the past five days, his wife, who didn't have consciousness, opened her eyes. Is it because she wanted to see her son's face for the last time? 

Mr. A, who was surprised, told his son, "Mom opened her eyes" and sang the birthday song from the start again. And then, his wife opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something to her son. But her voice didn't come out. Is it that she wanted to tell her son that she loved him even though she was in a situation where she didn't even have the strength to use her voice. His wife, who couldn't say a word, began to gradually breathe unevenly. 

Mr. A who couldn't show his son the sight of his mother in pain sent his son to the daycare. And while Mr. A was on his way back to the hospital, his wife left for the place where she can no longer come back from. 

Mr. A said, "It seems like my wife endured those horrific and painful time for several days to leave after hearing birthday wishes from the son she gave birth to. It seems like the mom's strength to hear her son's birthday song and leave." And Mr. A left a letter for his wife who he sent off before him. 

"To my wife who's in heaven. At the age of 37, it seems like I'll raise our five year old prankster on my own. You have many things you wanted to do and had a lot to do but you unintentionally already left... I'll do my best at raising our son so that our son doesn't hear that he doesn't have a mom. (t/n: Being told/reminded you don't have a mom is used as an insult - they're saying that a kid is a certain way because they don't have a mom) I'm finally returning to my job next month after taking time off for 11 months. At the company, I took my leave saying loudly that I'll return after saving you, but in the end, I'll be returning after sending you off like this. This year was 10 years since I've met you... Dating for five years, married for five years is quite short. Our son asked me when you'll come after I told him you went to heaven. He thinks because you went somewhere, you'll come... I don't know how many years will pass for him to understand you left. Take care. I love you."

1. [+27891, -115] I am the husband in this article. After receiving contact from the journalist, I clicked the link and read it. Thank you for the article. There might be people who don't understand but sharing sadness with others can be great strength. It's exactly 10 days since my wife passed away.. I still miss her like crazy.. Because I have a son that only looks at me, I have a reason to live and hold on.. 
↪ [+956, -6] Stay strong!! A child is a reason to live.
↪ [+577, -2] Stay strong... I'm in the position where I raise a child so while reading the article, I couldn't stop crying... I'll pray for your child to grow up healthy. 

2. [+9612, -79] I'm a person with two daughters who sent his wife off because of cancer. I tried to save my wife as well so I took leave from my job and leaned on natural treatment. I'm getting emotional because I thought about the past at this early dawn. Stay strong and you'll think that while living, not being too hard is also life. Believe in the strength of positivity. 

3. [+6200, -94] It is such a sad and beautiful story~~ I am crying~~!! I pray that you go to a good place where you're not hurt..

4. [+3149, -71] My tears are coming out like it's raining, I hope the people who have passed and the family members who still have to live are no longer hurting and are happy on a flower pathㆍㆍㆍStay strong and please be happy

5. [+2707, -71] I think it's hard for anyone to imagine the emotions of mother who's leaving, I think the father will be of great strength but still, I'm relieved, she's leaving behind a child because it's a part of her. Stay strong and I am looking forward to good days coming for you, thank you for the good post.