Tuesday, October 23, 2018

1N2D to hold a special film screening event in remembrance of Kim Joo Hyuk

1. [+1096, -4] When I see the character '' in front of Kim Joo Hyuk's name, I still get choked up... Imagine how his friends and fans feel. I miss him and it feels like he's going to come back soon with a new movie or drama... ㅠㅠ I still can't believe it... (t/n: This character '故' is used to describe someone who passed away, it's read as like: 'the late ABC')

2. [+329, -3] When they said pork ribs, I thought maybe... When Kim Joo Hyuk came out in 1N2D, it was the food he enjoyed the most, when it was Kim Joo Hyuk's last episode, Joon Young went and got it... Can't believe it's already been a year... 

3. [+247, -5] I miss Kim Joo Hyuk hyung

4. [+189, -4] A good goal~~ I hope he's eternally resting..in heaven...    

5. [+155, -7] I feel like Gutaeng-ie oppa would like this in heaven too ㅜㅜ