Monday, October 22, 2018

Identity of suspect in Gangseo PC room murder case revealed, people continue to express their outrage with the case

NOTE: News related to this murder case has been trending everyday on Naver. I noticed no other sites were translating it so I thought it would be nice to translate it since it's a major headline in Korea. I apologize for the translations being graphic.  

The identity of the suspect was finally released yesterday. The suspect is a 29-year-old named Kim Sung Soo. He's accused of stabbing a 21-year-old PC bang (PC room, internet cafe) part-time worker to death. According to authorities, the suspect asked the part-time worker to clean up his table because the customer before him left dirty dishes. The worker cleaned it up but the suspect said the worker was rude to him. 

If you watch the security videos, it shows that the police visited the store because the suspect's brother called the police saying his brother and the part-time worker are arguing after they asked him to clean up their table. The victim also called the police saying, "This is the PC bang, there's a customer here who keeps cussing. I would you like you to come here and do something." But the cops came because the suspect's brother called and the victim told the operator, the police came and hung up the phone. But the cops who came to the scene deemed that it wasn't a serious issue and left the scene after 15 minutes. After that, the suspect went to his home (which was apparently 300m away) and came back with a knife. One witness called the police and reported, "A fight just occurred, please come quickly." Another witness reported the incident and said, "The suspect is continuing to stab right now, please hurry and come." The security camera video shows the suspect stabbing the victim after the victim comes back down after throwing trash away. The suspect stabs while the suspect's brother holds onto the victim. The suspect continues to say his brother isn't an accomplice. The victim died due to his injuries from the stabbing. 

As of today, 982,778 people have signed the online petition on the official Korean government website to toughen punishment for suspects in high-profile murder cases. People are outraged because they can tell that the suspect is going for the route where they claim that he's mentally ill and that he might not receive a tough punishment. 

You can read more about the case here - A, B (Korea Herald)

1. [+24467, -209] After seeing the suffering and pain the victim experienced, if you want to pay for your sins, the only option you have is to be stabbed the same, over 30 times in your face and neck and die after receiving pain. How dare you carelessly open your mouth like that, do you think you can easily pay for your sins? Trashy-bastard *spits*

2. [+15555, -501] Because the younger brother kept watch and grabbed the victim, acting like he was intervening, they were able to stab the victim, who's 193cm tall, in the face and his hands while he was trying to intervene again and again. Even if they say he's holding the knife, there's a difference in reach but you're saying the brother isn't an accomplice?? And if his classmates from elementary, middle, and high school don't upload a post in three days then he's just Korean-Chinese
↪ [+869, -128] But... Why does he just have to be Korean-Chinese? I don't understand the reason... How is that related to this case... Is it because you don't want to believe that a fellow Korean committed this? Or is it because you want to lump all the Korean-Chinese together and attack them? 

3. [+9273, -179] If the younger brother didn't help then do you think the part-time worker would've been murdered that easily. Fucking gyunchals (t/n: gyunchal (견찰) is a derogatory term for the police (경찰). It's a mix of dog and police)

4. [+6024, -83] The younger brother didn't aid and abet, he cooperated

5. [+6017, -819] They're saying he's a naturalized Korean-Chinese who previously had 2 convictions in Shanghai, I hope you can please clarify the truth. 
↪ [+1039, -224] It's already been revealed that he's not Korean-Chinese, don't go around spreading fake news

6. [+3178, -22] It wasn't an argument with the victim. The suspect asked him to clean the desk so the victim cleaned it, he began making a scene because he lost his game and asked the victim to give him a refund so the victim gave him a refund ㅡㅡ The victim wasn't rude, please edit the article 
↪ [+18, -37] How do you know that well?
↪ [+192, -0] The customers who were there recorded the scene because the suspect kept on yelling and cussing

7. [+1953, -12] To the fucking parent bastards who released the medical diagnosis/certificate. I understand that you want to do whatever you can for your child but. Think about the child of the other family who died. Just let him rot in prison. If you have any conscience.   

1. [+26233, -147] It's the point where he went to his home to get a knife, saying that he's feeble-minded is too full of shit. That bastard is a devil, don't tolerate heinous criminals, the judicial branch needs to come to their senses and the death penalty is the answer

2. [+18679, -135] The assailant's parents first words weren't an apology or forgiveness but, "Our kid takes medication".... You already know
↪ [+369, -4] They also came out with a medical diagnosis/certificate
↪ [+1140, -4] Now he needs to eat poison
↪ [+529, -2] Should've said, "They still get medicine in prison"

3. [+9426, -98] He's been depressed for 10 years but he has a tattoo and goes to PC bangs too, he went around and did everything (t/n: The suspect has a tattoo of the anbu sign from Naruto on his neck - image)   

4. [+8384, -77] The younger brother should also be imprisoned for life! If he intervened at least once.. during the time when the brother was going home to get the weapon.. he kept watch of the victim.. if he didn't just stand by and watch and told the victim to run away, if he made him escape.. or if he let him escape by holding his brother back instead of the victim then... it's certain that the victim wouldn't have died. Please strongly punish the suspect's brother. I'm praying for our country's governmental authority to crumble.

5. [+7298, -1361] I can understand after seeing his picture.. He's hella ugly..... So that's why he wanted to slash a handsome face.. It's the end of the world... A bastard who looks freaking disgusting... 
↪ [+130, -6] His tattoo is freaking disgusting