Wednesday, October 10, 2018

[Post-Drama Interview] Actor Kim Byung Chul reveals that he cried after watching the final episode of 'Mr. Sunshine'

Kim Byung Chul said that it's been about a month since 'Mr. Sunshine' wrapped up its filming. In the meanwhile, he's been resting and filming his new project 'SKY Castle'. The actor revealed that he watched the last episode live, "I watched the last episode live. I watched it as a viewer. It was a really stunning/deafening feeling. Memorable parts were when the people stepped in and helped or when the taegukgi (Korean flag) came out - those parts were really moving. I cried while watching. It was an amazing work."

1. [+1918, -4] A cool individual.. And he's good at acting~~♡ Thank you for your hard work.

2. [+1075, -8] An actor who's a good fit for villainous roles and good roles ~ However, I want to see you in another role like Il Shik .

3. [+709, -6] The "We can do it" folks (t/n: Kim Byung Chul and Bae Jung Nam) were really amazing~ Many talents are good but thank goodness they used it~~

4. [+275, -7] Huge huge huge, I'm a huge fan, I'll always support you!!!!